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Finding ideas is important when creating a home garden. You can get a first overview with a drawing. It serves as a basis for the preparatory work in the garden. Choose plants and design elements with care.

Good preparation of the home garden before planting is the be-all and end-all for good growth

Create a garden plan

Take a look at gardens from your region or all over Germany and collect ideas. Draw the current state of your garden on a piece of paper and place a piece of blank tracing paper over it. You can draw in and color in all the elements you want, as well as beds and plantings.

Use clear symbols:

  • Shade the beds roughly
  • Circles symbolize trees
  • rough outlines of bodies of water, sitting areas or cairns

plant choice

With the selection of the plants you lay the foundation for later care. Note the needs of the plants. If you have a large garden at your disposal, you can plant trees in a corner. You can leave this to yourself so that a natural forest character is created. If you have no options for a wild garden, loosely plant your property edge with flowering shrubs and weak-growing wild trees. They serve as a natural privacy screen and occasionally need clearing.

Easy-care wild trees:

  • Blackthorn: fruits can be harvested after the frost
  • Rowan berries: not just a treat for birds
  • Hawthorn: white flowers and healthy fruits

preliminary work

Zone the area with various tools to get an overview of all elements in the future garden. Cords mark the course of paths and the location of your beds. With a parasol you can simulate trees. Depending on the orientation of the sun, they cast shadows on the ground, which should be taken into account when planning.

design elements

You have particularly little maintenance with near-natural elements that offer your garden additional living space. A cairn serves as a warming source for lizards and butterflies. Deadwood is a valuable refuge for insects and serves as a nesting site for various wood-dwelling birds.

Create cozy seating areas with large blocks of wood. If space allows, a small pond can be the focal point of the garden. If you have less space available, you don't have to do without a body of water. A mini pond in the zinc tub is an ideal alternative.

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