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Trees should not be missing in any garden, because they radiate a special calm and offer a valuable living space. Various trees and shrubs can be kept low by topiary, so that they can also cope with a small amount of space.

Small trees are best suited for small gardens

Suitable Trees

Small gardens require narrow trees with a low annual growth rate. In almost every garden there is space for a tree with a maximum height of six metres. When choosing, pay attention to the increase in width, because despite its low height, a tree with a spreading crown can take up the entire front yard.

Ideal crown shapes:

  • pillar
  • narrow vase
  • slender pyramid

Shaped trees, espalier trees or umbrella crowns

The columnar hornbeam (Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata') is a low tree that can be designed variably. The native species is a perfect topiary with low maintenance requirements. You can pull the hornbeam as a hedge, multi-stemmed shrub or tree and adapt it to the given space requirements.

The espalier lime tree is suitable as a small trellis tree, the branches of which are almost invisible in summer due to the dense foliage. In winter, the specially curved branches give the garden a structured character. They come into their own on garden walls or privacy fences.

Small trees with an umbrella-shaped crown set accents and offer shady oases. Taxus baccata is a conifer whose crown can be pruned into an umbrella shape. With its evergreen foliage, the tree sets colorful accents even in winter.

Trees suitable for topiary:

  • pears
  • birches
  • chestnuts
  • sweetgum trees

set accents

To emphasize the character of a garden, you should choose the trees according to the color of their foliage. If there are yew hedges on the property, yellow-leaved mini trees provide contrasts. The honey locust offers variety and makes the garden appear larger.

In gardens that are close to nature, fruit trees achieve a rustic character. The trees can be kept small by regular pruning measures. Special varieties of many fruit trees reach manageable growth heights. As a positive side effect, you can enjoy the sweet fruits of cherry plum, apricot and peach.

Tip: ornamental apple varieties

The attractive shrubs bloom profusely in spring and provide a valuable source of food for insects. They can be planted alone or integrated into flowering hedges. In autumn, ornamental apples decorate the garden with intensely luminous fall colors ranging from golden yellow to deep red.

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