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There are countless ways to build a raised bed. Whether made of wood, metal, plastic or stone - all raised beds have in common that they are a few centimeters to almost a meter above the ground. Basically, building a raised bed is not cheap, but with the help of simple plant stones, great ideas can be realized - for little money.

Plant stones are practical for building raised beds

Round, half-round, square - plant stones allow for a variety of shapes

Plant stones are hollow concrete blocks that are weather-resistant and frost-proof and available in many colours, sizes and shapes. There are round, semi-round and square plant stones, large and small, grey, sand-colored, brown or reddish. From this large selection you can certainly find the right stones for your own raised bed project. You can use it to build classic rectangular beds, but also round or semi-circular ones that are based on a building (e.g. the garden shed). Because the stones are so light, a foundation is not necessary, and they can be easily handled by one person.

How to build a raised bed from plant stones - quickly and cheaply

All you need to build a raised bed from planting stones - sometimes sold as planting rings - is enough stones to build the raised bed the size you want. The specific number of stones depends on how big the finished bed should be and the dimensions of the selected stones. You will also need a shovel, a spade, and a folding rule and stakeout line. And this is how the raised bed is built:

  • First of all, choose a suitable location.
  • This should be sheltered and as sunny as possible.
  • Now measure the desired bed dimensions and stake them out.
  • Level the area and remove grass, stones and weeds if necessary.
  • The area should be free of any greenery and absolutely flat.
  • Now you can put the stones together.
  • A binder is not necessary.
  • Place the stones close together so that there are no (or only a few) gaps.
  • If necessary, add additional layers to the first one.
  • This depends on the height of the raised bed and the size of the stones.
  • Now the raised bed is ready and can be filled and planted.


Since planting stones are hollow, you can also fill and plant the top row - as well as all the stones below, provided you have arranged them in a staggered manner. In this way you gain additional planting space.

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