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Copper beeches are often used as a hedge, because their dark red foliage makes them a very attractive privacy screen in the garden. Good preliminary planning is important so that the hedge later grows straight. What to consider when creating a copper beech hedge.

Due to its fast and dense growth, the copper beech is also well suited as a hedge plant

What preparations are to be made?

First you have to consider how long the hedge should be and where exactly it should go. To get a straight hedge, pull a cord over the entire length of the planned copper beech hedge. This is the only way the privacy screen will grow later.

Ask the municipality beforehand what distance to neighboring properties is to be maintained. You cannot move the hedge later without causing lasting damage to the trees.

Which location is ideal?

Copper beeches prefer a sunny or semi-shady location. But they also grow quite well in shady places.

When is the best planting time?

You should create a copper beech hedge in autumn. The best planting time is October or November.

You can also plant container plants from the garden market at the beginning of the year.

Which plant substrate is required?

The soil should be slightly damp. Since the copper beech grows very quickly, it needs a lot of nutrients. Beeches do not tolerate waterlogging. Provide permeable soil or create a drainage system.

The substrate should be slightly chalky and have a pH between 5 and 7.5. If you are not sure, you can have the soil checked in the laboratory.

What planting distance must be observed?

Like all beeches, copper beeches grow very quickly. The planting distance should not be too small. With a hedge, the gardener calculates a distance of 50 centimeters. Only two to three copper beeches should be planted per running meter.

How are the copper beeches planted?

  • Dig a planting hole
  • Load excavated earth into drawer
  • if necessary, incorporate a drainage layer
  • Use copper beech
  • Improve excavated soil with compost
  • heap up earth
  • step down
  • watering the copper beech
  • Install support pole

Copper beeches get along with other plants

Basically, beeches get along quite well with other plants. If a single-colored hedge is too boring for you, you can combine copper beeches with red beeches.


After planting the copper beech hedge, pruning is necessary so that the trees quickly branch out densely. All shoots that have not yet developed side branches are cut.

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