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Plant a bergenia because you want to admire its magical pink, red, white or lavender flowers. When the wait for them never ends, the frustration is great. This needs to be remedied quickly!

Waterlogging or too much fertilizer can be the reason why the Bergenia does not bloom

Too much fertilizer as a cause

Although bergenias are considered easy to care for, they can resent incorrect care and acknowledge this with a failure of the flower. This is the case, for example, when too much fertilizer is used. The excessive fertilizer encourages the bergenia to grow but prevents it from flowering.

Stagnant moisture as the cause

The same is the case when the Bergenia suffers from wetness. It tolerates drought better than standing water. Unlike wet, dryness will result in short flowering at the right time.

Further background of a flower failure

A location that is too shady can also be responsible for a loss of flowers. The Bergenia prefers to be in partial shade. Frostbite in winter, pest damage, too much heat and sun and a wrong cut can keep the Bergenia from blooming.

Prevent flower drop

It is best if you don't let it get that far in the first place, but plant your Bergenia in a suitable location and optimize care. And if nothing helps, a transplant campaign is often the salvation.

The following measures apply to prevent flower failure:

  • share regularly
  • Repot bergenia in pots every 1 to 2 years
  • water regularly and ensure drainage
  • do not cover with leaves in autumn (risk of rotting)
  • fertilize regularly but sparingly
  • plant in the light shade and a nutritious soil

Beautiful to look at even without flowers

The Bergenia is valuable - even without flowers. The reason: it is present all year round thanks to its evergreen foliage. Its heart-shaped leaves are ideal for cutting, for example for bouquets. In addition, the Bergenia convinces with its ground-covering growth and its ability to grow where other plants struggle.


Don't worry: freshly propagated bergenias usually do not flower in the first year. It takes a while for them to become properly rooted and integrated into the site.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!