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In some countries, this species is one of the most collected edible mushrooms because it is widespread in coniferous forests. Butterboletes also occur in Germany and ensure mushroom enjoyment for a particularly long time in good mushroom years.

Butter mushrooms can be collected from July

fruiting time and appearance

The autumn months are the typical mushroom season in Central Europe. Some representatives, such as butter mushrooms, start their season in summer. From July to October the boletus mushroom can be found in the forests. In warmer regions, finds are also possible during spring.


Typical of the species Suillus luteus is the brown colored hat with its greasy surface, which is why it is counted in the genus of the smear boletus. With a diameter of up to twelve centimeters and a stem eight centimeters high, the mushroom is one of the higher-yielding specimens. Pay attention to the ring when collecting it, because it has a typical purple-brown coloration. The butter bolete is named after the buttery-yellow flesh, which exudes a fruity smell.

These are his doubles:

  • Ringless Butter Mushroom: has no ring on the stem, the base of which appears pink
  • granule boletus: with a whitish to yellowish stem without pink tones and ring
  • Gold boletus: found only near larches and has a lemon-yellow to red-orange cap

Collect in the forest

Butter mushrooms have no special demands on the soil. Since they form symbioses with conifers, they can be observed on nutrient-poor and acidic soils with sandy and calcareous properties. The edible mushrooms grow in regions with a cold temperate climate and are distributed from the sea coasts to the alpine areas. They are often found in groups near pine trees.

To harvest

Clean the butter mushroom right where you found it. Ideally, peel off the mucous membrane of the hat or use a cloth to remove the mucus. This way you prevent dirt from sticking to the mushrooms. In addition, the secretions can cause discomfort. Since butterboletes are easily attacked by maggots, cut the flesh of the fruit to check.


Put the harvest in open collection containers, because here the air supply is guaranteed and the mushrooms do not spoil so quickly. Wicker baskets are ideal for collecting.

To store

Edible mushrooms perish quickly and should be processed promptly. The fruiting bodies will keep for a day or two in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. Place the yield loosely and airy on a cloth. Sealed containers are not suitable, as condensation forms here and the fungal tissue spoils more quickly. Your harvest will last longer if you dry or freeze the butter mushroom.


Butterboletes are good edible mushrooms with soft flesh. The delicate aroma comes into its own when you fry the mushroom in butter.

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