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Did you know that you can drive away fungus gnats with a very simple tool. By using a match, you can completely do without chemistry in the fight against the pest. On this page you can find out how effective matches are for fighting and how to use the recommended home remedy correctly.

Matches are used unlit against fungus gnats


  • Don't light the match…
  • but put it upside down in the potting soil.
  • Replace matches after two days.
  • Observe whether the infestation improves.

mode of action

The match head contains sulfur compounds that both prevent the females from laying eggs and destroy the young larvae in the substrate. The sulphurous substance mixes with the soil and has toxic properties on the brood.

Why fight the larvae?

Many people prioritize fighting adult animals. In the case of pests in particular, however, it is the larvae that cause the real damage to the plant.

  • Adult animals usually only live a few days.
  • The larvae eat plant parts,…
  • suck the sugary sap from the leaves
  • and then multiply.

Of course, it is important to prevent the females from laying eggs again. However, if you destroy the brood, it is only a matter of time before the stock becomes extinct and thus disappears.

Additional measure

If you put matches in the potting soil, the flying animals will flee. However, this does not guarantee that they will not settle down on the plant again after a while. Therefore, it makes sense to add yellow stickers. These are yellow, coated boards to which the fungus gnats stick on contact. Just like the matches, you should also change the yellow stickers after a few days.

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!