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There is a completely natural remedy for fungus gnats: cold. If there is high humidity and a lot of heat in your rooms, the pests multiply rapidly. However, if the exact opposite occurs, namely cold and drought, the animals disappear in no time. Here you can find out everything about "cold therapy" for the fungus gnat.

Fungus gnats don't like the cold; but neither do some plants

Cold and drought to combat the fungus gnat

Two measures are particularly worthwhile if your plant suffers from a fungus gnat infestation:

  • Put the plant outside
  • prevent moisture

Put the plant outside

This treatment does not involve any chemical agents, nor do you have to use a home remedy. Just trust nature and put your affected plant outside overnight in winter. The pests don't like the cold at all and they quickly take to their heels.

Note: Of course, this method of controlling the fungus gnat is only recommended if your plant is frost-resistant.

prevent moisture

In warm rooms there is usually also high humidity. If your potting soil also has moisture, fungus gnats will find an optimal breeding ground here. Prevent access to the moist soil by adding a layer of dry sand to the substrate. No position should remain vacant. You should also avoid stuffy heating air in the apartment.

Control in the greenhouse

Unfortunately, a greenhouse is characterized by high humidity and a muggy climate. On the one hand, these conditions help many plants to grow better, on the other hand, it also promotes the infestation of the fungus gnat. There are also two ways to regulate the air conditions:

  • Ventilate regularly
  • subdivide plantations

Ventilate regularly

Avoid excessive humidity by tilting the windows of your greenhouse once a day. Sufficient planting distance also ensures sufficient air circulation.

subdivide plantations

There are also plants in the greenhouse that like it more or less sunny. Group your crops according to their site preferences so that you curb a widespread infestation.

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