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There are different varieties of coconuts. They differ mainly in colour, taste and size, but also in their shape and use. For example, there are special drinking coconuts that hardly develop any pulp.

What is meant by a drinking coconut?

In some Asian countries, such as Thailand or Sri Lanka, there are so-called drinking coconuts. They only form a little pulp, but have a lot of the natural liquid. The coconut water is almost clear, whitish to yellowish and tastes slightly sweet.

The "normal" coconut also contains up to half a liter of coconut water as long as it is still fresh. You just have to harvest them early enough, then practically any coconut can be used as a drinking coconut. The older the coconut gets, the less coconut water it contains.

Where does the coconut milk come from?

Coconut milk is not actually milk at all, but the liquid that is obtained from the pureed and pressed coconut meat. Compared to pure coconut water, it contains a relatively large amount of fat. Of course, it is also high in calories. Due to the valuable lauric fatty acids it contains, it is considered healthy. These fatty acids are also part of coconut oil.

High-quality coconut milk is obtained from the first pressing of the pulp and is free of any additives. Unfortunately, this quality is relatively rare to find, because numerous substances are often added to coconut milk, such as thickeners or emulsifiers. Second pressing coconut milk is obtained by adding water and pressing the pulp again. This milk is thinner and lower in fat.

The essentials in brief:

  • special drinking coconuts have no real pulp
  • high-quality coconut milk contains no additives
  • You can tell a fresh coconut by the sound of coconut water inside

tips and tricks

Use an opened coconut as quickly as possible, it loses its taste quickly. When buying coconut milk, make sure it is of excellent quality without additives.

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