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You can cultivate an Aucuba japonica both on your balcony and in the living room. As a garden plant, it is also suitable for mild areas, as it tolerates light frost. Caring for them isn't particularly complicated either.

Variegated varieties need a little more sun

Plant the Aukube

You can cultivate the Aucuba japonica in a tub and place it on your balcony or terrace. It does well in slightly loamy, pH-neutral soil that is fresh but not wet. Occasionally it is also recommended to plant the Aucuba japonica in rhododendron soil.

The choice of location

The light requirement varies depending on the variety. While green-leaved Aukuben tolerate a shady location well, the variegated types need a little more light. If they are too shady, they lose their colorful coloring. In the blazing midday sun, on the other hand, the leaves burn quite quickly, especially on a young plant.

Water and fertilize the Aukube

The Aukube needs neither very many nutrients nor plenty of water. Don't let the soil dry out, but don't overwater either. Mix a little liquid fertilizer into the irrigation water about every two weeks during the summer.

Diseases and pests in the Aukube

The Aukube is a fairly robust plant, it rarely suffers from diseases or pests. With the right location and good care, you have nothing to fear in this regard. If the conditions are insufficient or poor, spider mites may appear. However, Aucuba japonica is quite susceptible to sunburn, which, like frost damage, can lead to black leaves.

The multiplication of the Aukube

With the help of cuttings, the Aukuben can be multiplied quite easily. A greenhouse is not necessary for this, because rooting is also possible at normal room temperatures. It is best to cut the cuttings, which are about 10 to 15 centimeters long, in the spring.

The essentials in brief:

  • Location: cool and airy, best part shade
  • robust
  • very suitable for container planting
  • tolerates frost down to approx. - 5 °C
  • pour: moderately, keep the root ball slightly moist
  • fertilize: from March to August, about every 14 days


Since Aukuben tolerate at least a little frost, you can put these plants in the garden relatively early.

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