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Fuchsias in full bloom are a feast for the eyes - but did you know that the ripe berries of this nightshade family are also edible?

Both the flowers and berries of the fuchsia are edible

Fuchsias are not poisonous

Because of their showy, colorful flowers, many gardeners suspect that the exotic evening primrose family Fuchsia (Fuchsia) is poisonous. The opposite is the case, because the mostly dark, juicy berries can even be processed into jam or jelly - in Great Britain and Ireland, where fuchsias often thrive very luxuriantly due to the mild winter climate, these are well-known processing options. As is the fuchsia cake that is sometimes served with Five O'Clock tea. But if you want to look for recipes now: The English understand "Fuchsia cake" not only cakes with fuchsia berries, but also cakes and tarts decorated in fuchsia - these are particularly popular for weddings and other celebrations.

Which fuchsia berries are tasty

Depending on the type and variety of the fuchsia plant, the berries can vary greatly in size, shape and colour. Ripe fruits are tender and juicy and usually about an inch to an inch long, reddish brown to black or blue-black. Pick them when they're soft and mushy - that's when they taste best. However, not all varieties are equally tasty. Types and varieties with good taste are:

  • Fuchsia magellanica (especially the varieties "Globosa" and "Tresco")
  • Fuchsia corymbifolia
  • Fuchsia excorticata
  • Fuchsia procumbens
  • Fuchsia splendens (especially the "Karl Hartweg" variety)
  • Fuchsia venusta.

Basically, dark fruits are more aromatic than light ones. Unless you own an entire fuchsia hedge, it usually takes a long time to collect enough berries for jam or a cake. However, you can also gradually collect the fruit and freeze it in the meantime.


By the way, not only the berries but also the flowers are edible, so you can dip them in egg white and sugar and bake them briefly. But be careful: Too many fuchsia berries can lead to stomach pains and nausea.

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