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The climbing trumpet flower (Campsis) is in itself a relatively easy-care climbing plant, which in a suitable location can provide greenery for privacy screens and house walls within a few years. It is annoying when the plant suddenly no longer produces any flowers for no apparent reason.

A wrong location means that the trumpet flower does not bloom at all or only sparsely

Have enough patience when caring for the trumpet flower

If your trumpet flower in the garden has not yet bloomed at all, this may simply be due to the age of the plant. With the various cultivars of the Campsis, it is completely normal that they only form flowers for the first time from the age of about 4 years. In order for flowers to form as quickly as possible, growth should be promoted through optimal site conditions:

  • sunny and warm
  • sheltered from the wind
  • Climbing aid available
  • sufficient moisture (water regularly in summer if necessary)
  • nutrient-rich soil

Once the plant gets going, with the right care, it will produce more and more flowers every year.

Mistakes in care can be responsible for a lack of flowers

If older specimens of the trumpet vine suddenly no longer bloom for no apparent reason, this can also be due to incorrect care. A common mistake with the trumpet flower is when it is supplied with fertilizer rich in nitrogen. The nitrogen contained in the fertilizer usually leads to a very rampant growth of the climbing tendrils in the trumpet vine. In return, the plant then almost completely stops flowering. Therefore, make sure that you only use fertilizer without added nitrogen for the nutrient supply of the trumpet vine.

Stimulate the flowering of the trumpet flower

The trumpet flower is not very demanding as a climbing plant, but lovers of lush flowering must reckon with a certain amount of care for this plant. The fact is that the trumpet vine flowers only on young shoots from the same year. Therefore, the climbing trumpet must be pruned annually for strong flowering. This is the only way to stimulate the formation of many new shoots and thus also a magnificent bloom.


The climbing trumpet can reach impressive heights over the years and literally overgrow garden sheds and trellises. Be careful not to endanger yourself unnecessarily when cutting your hair. If possible, ask a second person to secure the ladder when cutting back the plants.

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