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Between the beginning of April and the beginning of May, even before the leaves sprout, the tulip magnolia (Magnolia soulangiana) inspires with its large, white or light pink flowers. For healthy growth and beautiful blooms that return every year, this primeval-looking tree needs good care.

Good care rewards the tulip magnolia with numerous flowers

Do you have to water the tulip magnolia regularly?

The tulip magnolia is a flat-rooted plant and is therefore always at risk of drying out, especially in the hot summer months. Therefore, you should water the tree regularly during this time - preferably in the early morning hours - but the leaves and flowers should not be wetted. Mulching with grass clippings or leaves makes sense so that the soil can retain moisture.

When and with what should you fertilize the tulip magnolia?

Basically, fertilization is not necessary because the tulip magnolia does not have a particularly high nutrient requirement. It is enough to provide the tree with some ripe compost and peat in the spring.

Can the tulip magnolia also be cultivated in a pot?

A young tulip magnolia can certainly be cultivated in a pot for a few years, but should eventually be planted out. The very slow-growing tree can grow up to nine meters high and just as wide.

Can you cut the tulip magnolia? If so, when and what should be specifically considered?

Like all magnolias, the tulip magnolia does not tolerate pruning very well, which is why it is better not to do it or only do it when absolutely necessary.

Which diseases / pests typically occur in the tulip magnolia?

Tulip magnolias are rarely attacked by pests or diseases. Specimens weakened by improper care or an unsuitable location can be infected by powdery mildew or leaf spot disease or be infested by scale insects or whiteflies.

Why do tulip magnolia flowers turn brown and fall off?

Unfortunately, the tulip magnolia is very sensitive to late frosts, which is why you can protect the tree with gardening fleece, especially at night, during the flowering period and when the leaves are sprouting. Frosted flowers turn brown and fall off.

Is Tulip Magnolia Hardy?

In the first few years, young tulip magnolias should receive a light winter protection, later the tree is quite hardy.


Small magnolia species such as the star magnolia are better suited for a pot culture.

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