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Marguerites - who doesn't know them, these cheerful looking summer bloomers? It is not only advisable to use scissors to prolong their flowering period, but also for other reasons. Proper cutting is part of good care.

Daisies are also great as cut flowers in a vase

Extend the flowering period

The main reason to prune daisies is to extend the flowering period. If you keep removing the faded flowers, the daisy will develop new flower buds by autumn. Then the flowering period can last from the beginning of June to October.

Two options: single cuts or radical cut

Take a sharp pair of scissors and start underneath the old calyx. snap! Once a week should be enough. Alternatively, you can cut back the entire daisy by a third towards the end of July/beginning of August. This also causes a subsequent bloom.

Encourage or prevent self-seeding?

If you don't remove the old flowers, the seeds will emerge. That drains a lot of strength from a daisy. Therefore, such a step should be carefully considered. Self-sowing often occurs as a result of seed formation.

Get cuttings to propagate

Another reason to pay a visit to daisies with scissors is to propagate them from cuttings. How it works:

  • with shrub daisies
  • in late summer
  • Cut off 10 to 12 cm long shoots at an angle
  • remove lower leaves and flowers if necessary
  • stick in potting soil
  • Keep substrate moist
  • place in a semi-shady to shady, but warm place
  • Rooting time: 4 to 6 weeks

Make the growth bushier

You can also make the growth of the marguerite bushier with the right cut. To do this, simply prune the young plants frequently. They then grow more branched and dense and also receive more flower buds.

Prepare for wintering

This is to be noted:

  • in autumn before the first frost
  • Cut down to 10 cm above the ground
  • then hibernate
  • Regularly remove yellow, dried leaves
  • sprouts again in spring
  • It is better not to cut daisies in the tub in autumn (shoots serve as protection)


Since daisies contain a contact allergen, if you have sensitive skin you should wear gardening gloves as a precaution when cutting.

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