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No more tedious spade work. Leave digging up your garden to the efficient blades of a petrol tiller. In this guide you will learn more about the advantages of the garden helper. You will also find helpful purchasing advice to help you find the model that best suits your needs.

A petrol tiller has more power than an electric tiller

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  1. product types
  2. Other purchase criteria
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  4. care instructions
  5. equipment
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    The petrol motor hoe frees your garden from weeds and also prevents pest infestation. But what exactly distinguishes the fuel-powered model? In a direct comparison, we compared the petrol tiller with the battery-powered model and the electric version to highlight the respective advantages and disadvantages.

    Electric tillers

    our recommendation
    Einhell electric tiller GC-RT 1440 M (1400 W, 40 cm working width, 200 mm working depth, series motor, overload clutch, foldable handle)
    119.05 EUR To the product

    Let's start our test with the electric tiller. In terms of function, namely loosening the soil and removing weeds, there are no differences between the three models presented here. However, the efficiency and operation of the devices varies. In terms of performance, the electric tiller is in the middle. It draws its power directly from the socket, which requires carrying a cable.

    Advantageously, the electric tiller is slightly lighter than the other models in our test for this reason. On the other hand, a cable not only restricts your range of motion, but also threatens to get under the tines. In this case, there is a risk of death due to a short circuit. Therefore, be particularly careful when working with the electrically powered model.

    The cord is a big one, but pretty much the only downside of the electric tiller. In contrast to the engine-driven device, it does not emit any exhaust gases and works very quietly.

    • Quietly
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Effort-saving
    • Comparatively cheap
    • cable
    • Limited range of motion
    • Additional electricity costs

    Battery tillers

    our recommendation
    Einhell cordless tiller GE-CR 30 Li - Solo Power X-Change (Li-Ion, 36 V, 30 cm working width, 20 cm working depth, robust chopping blades, 2-point safety switch, without battery and charger)
    131.99 EUR To the product

    In terms of price, the cordless tiller is in the same category as the electric tiller. However, she has less power. The reason for this is a lithium-ion battery, which makes your work easier, but cannot generate as much power as electricity from the socket. With this variant, however, you can do without a cable and are therefore independent of location when working. Electricity costs still arise due to the need to charge the battery motor hoe at the socket.


    Make sure you buy a removable battery.

    While the charging time is up to two hours on average, you can then work twice as long with a high-quality model. However, the running time is reduced the more intensively you use the tiller. Like the electric tiller, the battery-powered model is environmentally friendly and quiet in contrast to the petrol tiller.

    Buying guide cordless tiller

    • Quietly
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Comparatively cheap
    • Wireless
    • Little performance
    • Must be loaded
    • Low running time
    • Additional electricity costs

    Gasoline tillers

    our recommendation
    BRAST petrol tiller 5.15kW (7.0PS) with 50cm working width 212ccm TÜV tested tiller garden tiller tiller cultivator
    699.95 EUR To the product

    The petrol motor hoe impresses with its enormous performance. This comes from a built-in combustion engine. Due to the significant power, even large areas and heavy floors do not pose a challenge. However, the product's own weight increases due to the built-in motor. In addition, the combustion of petrol produces environmentally harmful exhaust gases and engine noise. Compared to the above models, the petrol tiller requires the most maintenance.
    You need a petrol-oil mixture for commissioning. Ready-made mixtures are rare on the market. The reason for this is the special quantity ratio, which varies from device to device. With the help of the instructions for use, you will be able to prepare the optimal mixture yourself.

    • Very powerful
    • Suitable for large areas and heavy floors
    • Expensive
    • Emits exhaust fumes
    • According to
    • Heavy
    • Additional fuel costs

    Other purchase criteria

    After you have learned the advantages and disadvantages of a petrol motor hoe compared to other types of products, you have to deal with important criteria that determine the quality of your model before you buy it. To make it easier for you, we have put together a list of what is important when making your selection.

    engine power

    our recommendation
    T-Mech petrol garden hoe tiller tiller cultivator tiller hoe 2-stroke + free tool set and safety equipment
    199.99 EUR To the product

    The petrol motor hoe is considered the most powerful product type anyway, because the different models work differently. In our test, the engine power varies from 1 kilowatt to 4 kilowatts. Make the purchase decision dependent on the soil conditions and the size of your property.

    working width

    The working width indicates the width of the motor hoe. The wider the device, the faster it processes the lawn, since more area is covered at the same time. Here the values are on average 3 to 6 cm. Note, however, that a wide model is not always an advantage. A wide vehicle could be a hindrance in a crooked garden in which narrow strips of lawn appear between terraces and beds.

    working depth

    The working depth, on the other hand, determines how deep the tines reach into the ground. The higher the working depth, the more intensively the earth is dug up. You can find models with 180 to 250 mm long tines on the market.


    Flexible models make work easier and save a lot of time. A reverse gear proves to be extremely useful in winding gardens. In addition, the handlebar should be height-adjustable so that several people can work ergonomically with the tiller. A dead man's switch is also recommended, which increases your personal safety.


    You can read further down in this guide which useful accessories can be used to expand the petrol tiller.

    Brands/ where to buy

    Once you have become aware of the purchase criteria, you can already make your way to the hardware store. Or would you prefer to order your tiller online? Both sources of supply have advantages and disadvantages.

    Purchase at hardware store

    Experienced staff will be at your side in the hardware store and will be happy to give you tips on choosing the right model. However, it can happen that your desired model is already sold out or is not even in the range. In addition, the great pressure of competition is driving up the prices of specialist retailers. Another advantage is that you can check the ergonomics of the device in the hardware store right on the spot.

    purchase on the internet

    our recommendation
    MASKO electric tiller 1500 watts | 40cm working width 20cm working depth | ground hoe | tiller cultivator tiller | electric hoe | foldable handle | metal case | transport wheels
    149.80 EUR To the product

    The Internet offers you a lot more choice than the specialist trade, regardless of whether you look around on Amazon or in the online shop of your preferred provider. In addition, you have constant access here and are not tied to opening times. On top of that, you save money and time for the journey there and in all likelihood you won't have to put up with the disappointment that another customer snatched your model from under your nose. On the contrary, you even benefit from other customers by getting an accurate impression of the suitability of the tiller from recessions. However, you should not trust every rating. Some, especially the first listed ratings are often embellished. Therefore, find out all you need to know and look at the opinions objectively.

    Also note whether the manufacturer provides an address to which you can contact in the event of a complaint. If all the information points to a reputable supplier, a mouse click is all it takes and the product will be conveniently delivered to your home.

    The most expensive product is not always the best, but experience has shown that motor hoes from a brand manufacturer have better workmanship, high-quality material and the resulting longevity. To save you from making a bad purchase, we have listed some well-known and trustworthy manufacturers here:

    • unanimously
    • pike garden
    • wolf garden
    • Al-Ko
    • Fuxtec
    • Ikra
    • MTD
    • Atika
    • Varo

    care instructions

    How long your tiller stays intact depends largely on your care allowance. The device must be cleaned after each use. To do this, first knock off the coarse dirt with a brush and then clean the material with a damp cloth. It is very important to switch off the engine beforehand.
    Since it is an electrical device, maintenance is due about twice a year. If you are unfamiliar with electrical equipment, it is best to let a professional take care of it. Sometimes even manufacturers offer maintenance for little money.


    our recommendation
    BRAST plow hilling plow suitable for petrol tiller garden tiller AF 6500 4.8kw (6.5PS) accessories
    EUR 49.95 To the product

    Just imagine you're only halfway through the job and suddenly the motor stalls. How good if you have a full canister in the garage in such a case, which saves you a forced break.

    In addition to the basic accessories, it is also possible to make your work easier with useful utensils. For example, you can equip your petrol tiller with rubber wheels. This makes it easier to transport and move around on muddy ground. Iron wheels, on the other hand, facilitate particularly demanding work in difficult ground conditions.
    A plough, which you combine with the motor hoe, also proves to be useful. Especially if you grow a lot of vegetables in your garden, we can warmly recommend this accessory. With a motor hoe and plow, you can dig up your vegetable patch in no time at all, making it even more arable. The lightness cannot be compared to the amount of work with a spade.

    An additional soft also improves traction, while a special protective cover protects the transmission.

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