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Palisades are stylish variants for bed borders. They can be made of different materials, have different shapes and heights. In our compact article we will tell you what distinguishes palisade bed edgings and what you should look out for when buying them.

Wooden palisades are a beautiful, natural option for edging beds

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  1. What characterizes palisade bed borders?
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. What characterizes palisade bed borders?

    First, a general definition of palisades: It is commonly understood to mean posts that

    • 20 to 30 centimeters thick,
    • three to four feet long and
    • partially pointed at the top

    are. In the art of fortification, palisades are used as obstacles with spaces between six and eight centimeters. After installation, the piles are about one meter deep in the ground. There they are connected to one another by a ground sill. A batten nailed to the upper end serves as a connecting element.

    Palisade bed borders stand out

    Wooden palisades combine particularly well with mulch (€239.00) and low trees

    What applies to palisades in general is not necessarily the case for palisades bed edgings in particular. It is true that these are also stakes that are buried in the earth at more or less large intervals; but there are no specifications regarding the dimensions - and the connections above and below are not necessarily part of it either. In this regard, the respective gardener has a free hand.


    Regardless of what material the posts are made of - with a palisade bed edging you create a visually appealing border in your green oasis. The fence-like character ensures a naturally charming appearance.

    Advantages and disadvantages of palisades as bed borders

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    In addition to the usually attractive appearance, the often relatively low price also speaks in favor of buying a palisade as a border for the bed. How cheap the edging actually is always depends on the material. You pay less for wooden palisades or concrete palisades than for palisades made of natural stone.

    The main disadvantage of palisades is that they are less suitable as root barriers. If you also want to prevent the roots of your bedding plants from spreading with wooden, concrete or stone palisades, you can expect a complicated installation, since you then absolutely need strong, robust connections in the ground. You should be aware of that.

    Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of palisade bed borders:

    • visually appealing
    • many variants available
    • usually inexpensive
    • not suitable for root barriers (complicated installation!)

    Other purchase criteria

    You should pay attention to the following criteria if you decide to buy a palisade bed edging:

    • material
    • height


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    Nowadays, manufacturers of palisades mainly use pressure-treated logs (keyword: rollboard) or rattan. But round or square concrete stone posts or natural stone posts are also available for palisades - as well as some plastic solutions.


    A wooden palisade looks harmonious (natural material) and is very cheap. However, there is often a lack of resilience (short service life), as the practical test shows. A concrete block palisade does not cost much either, but it blends less harmoniously into the garden. On the other hand, concrete block is almost indestructible compared to wood. Natural stone palisades combine a naturally harmonious look and enormous durability. However, they form the most expensive solutions. Plastic palisades are neither chic nor durable - but they are inexpensive.


    Fortunately, there are palisades of various heights, for example

    • 20 cm,
    • 25cm,
    • 30 cm,
    • 40 cm

    et cetera. Customize this feature to suit your needs and desires (for palisades that are also meant to act as root barriers, you always need taller versions).

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