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A high-voltage garden shredder shreds garden waste such as branches and twigs. There are different types of high power shredders and several aspects to consider when purchasing and using one. You can find out what these are in our compact guide.

A garden shredder is a valuable helper in gardening

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  1. Types of high power garden shredders
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. frequently asked Questions
  4. Types of high power garden shredders

    One distinguishes:

    • Knife shredder with high current
    • Roller shredder with high-voltage current
    • Multi-purpose shredder with high current

    Heavy-duty knife shredder

    our recommendation
    ATIKA AMA 2500 garden shredder knife shredder electric shredder shredder | 230V | 2500W
    123.00 EUR To the product

    In a high-power knife chopper, a flywheel with knives rotates extremely quickly. The sharp cutting edges shred garden waste into the finest chopped material, which is ideal for mulching in particular.

    • Fast chopping
    • Very fine chaff
    • Lightweight
    • Inexpensive
    • Can also be used for soft garden waste such as leaves
    • Thick and heavily branched branches lead to blockages
    • noise intensive
    • Without self-closing
    • High maintenance effort

    Heavy-duty roller shredder

    our recommendation
    Einhell electric quiet shredder GC-RS 2540 (2000 W, max. 40 mm branch thickness, cutting roller, direction of rotation switch, large funnel opening, robust chassis, including garden waste bag)
    144.08 EUR To the product

    Inside a high-power roller shredder, the garden waste is crushed by a slow-rotating roller with steel teeth and a counter-plate. The result is slightly coarser than with a high-power knife shredder and ideal for composting.

    • self-moving
    • Low maintenance
    • Relatively quiet
    • rewind function
    • Roller sharpens itself
    • Problems with more delicate garden waste such as leaves
    • Longer chopping time
    • Heavy
    • Expensive

    Heavy-duty multi-purpose shredder

    our recommendation
    Makita UD2500 2,500W 45mm 240V Electric Shredder
    304.45 EUR To the product

    A high-current multi-purpose shredder combines the greatest advantages of the knife and roller shredder into a flexible garden tool with a roller and very sharp teeth, but without a counter plate.


    Our large general guide to garden shredders provides you with all the details on the individual types.

    Other purchase criteria

    In order to buy a high-quality garden shredder with high current, you should make sure that the following criteria are met - regardless of which type you choose:

    • Power of at least 2200 watts
    • practical filling funnel available
    • high catcher volume
    • robust catch basket material
    • Safety devices such as engine braking
    • Mobility thanks to mobile castors and transport handle
    • Prefer a branded product (Stihl, Viking, Makita etc.)

    frequently asked Questions

    What is a heavy-duty garden shredder?

    A high current garden shredder is a very powerful shredder that requires a 380 volt power supply. Attention: Most sockets are 230 volt connections!

    Garden shredders with high current are characterized above all by the fact that they can do a little more than the classic AC garden shredders. They can handle branches up to 55 millimeters thick. For comparison: The AC versions “only” manage material up to 45 millimeters thick.

    How much does a heavy-duty garden shredder cost?

    Depending on the type, quality and manufacturer, you pay upwards of 200 euros for a high-power garden shredder.

    What is the shredded material used for?

    You can use the shredded material for mulching, fertilizing or composting - depending on the type of high-power garden shredder.

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