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A bed edging made of willow perfectly captures the character of a natural garden. In this guide you will learn what makes willow bed borders essentially what you should look out for when buying and whether you can make willow netting for your beds yourself.

A bed edging made of willow looks naturally beautiful

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  1. What distinguishes a bed edging made of willow?
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. What brands are there?
  4. frequently asked Questions
  5. What distinguishes a bed edging made of willow?

    Willow wood primarily impresses with its beautiful, because natural look. Since it is a real natural material, a willow bed edging fits perfectly into every green oasis - especially those that are (or want to be) laid out as cottage gardens.

    This naturalness, which goes hand in hand with a warm and correspondingly inviting aura, is also brought about by a number of other materials apart from willow. So what is it exactly that distinguishes a willow border from edgings made of other types of wood or natural stone?

    We think it's the braided structure that gives wicker borders a charm all of their own. In fact, bed edgings made of willow always appear as braided elements - composed of numerous willow rods that are connected to each other. The braid creates a particularly rustic atmosphere in the garden.


    With a bed edging made of willow, you can border both flower beds and vegetable beds and frame them stylishly. There is also the option of using a willow border as a border and bank reinforcement for a pond.

    Visually a dream - practically too?

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    BooGardi bed border made of willow · Bed edging in many sizes (10 x 120 cm single element) · Willow fence to border beds or paths
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    The answer can be anticipated immediately: yes. A bed edging made of willow is functionally and practically as convincing as it is visually. This is primarily due to the fact that willow wood is extremely weather-resistant. This means that it defies external influences (whether rain or snowfall, wind or intense sunlight) and remains stable for a long time. With this property, it also has something decisive over many other types of wood (which tend to rot relatively quickly, so that regular replacement is necessary).

    Note: It goes without saying that the bed border made of willow must be woven robustly and installed in a stable manner right from the start in order to really impress with its long service life.

    The (only) disadvantage of bed borders made of willow

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    BooGardi bed edging made of willow · 2 sizes · Height: 40 cm/Length: 3m · New, very variable bed border · Willow fence for bed borders or path demarcation
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    However, bed borders (€29.90) made of willow do have one disadvantage: Due to their special, braided construction, they are not suitable (on their own) as root barriers. The wooden sticks that are stuck into the ground are simply far too far apart for this. In other words, there is no homogeneous whole underground to prevent roots from spreading into the lawn area or an adjacent bed.


    If you need a root barrier but don't want to do without the beautiful look of a willow border, your only option is to first build a solid foundation in the ground (i.e. where the border is to be installed) and the willow border to bet on. However, this requires very precise planning and even more precise implementation. It is best to hire a specialist to do this if you decide to go for this complicated solution.

    An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of edging beds made of willow

    • beautiful appearance due to natural origin
    • fits perfectly into the garden
    • creates a warm and rustic cottage garden ambience
    • amazingly weather resistant
    • durable
    • not suitable as a root barrier

    Other purchase criteria

    If you are considering buying a bed edging made of willow, you should always test the following points when comparing different products:

    • size (height, length, width)
    • Variability/flexibility in use
    • impregnation
    • price

    size (height, length, width)

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    rg-vertrieb willow mat privacy screen balcony privacy screen mat electric fence roll-up fence 20 sizes (180 x 500 cm)
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    Think in advance how large the willow bed edging needs to be overall. All you have to do is measure the bed that you want to border. There are various sizes of willow fences to choose from on the market. The length is often around 100 to 120 centimeters and the height is a good 20 centimeters.

    Variability/flexibility in use

    Some of the prefabricated willow edgings are only suitable for square flower and vegetable beds; others, on the other hand, have a flexible structure, so that you can also design circular or otherwise curved bed borders. Take into account the relevant comments from the respective manufacturers and suppliers.


    When in doubt, it is always better to use a bed border made of impregnated willow wood. The impregnation increases the weather resistance even further and thus also extends the service life of the edging.


    Of course, before you buy a willow bed edging, you should always compare the offers from different retailers for similar products. There are sometimes serious price differences - and after all, nobody wants to pay extra.

    What brands are there?

    our recommendation
    Floranica bed edging, willow fence, plug-in fence in 25 sizes, impregnated with beech pegs for longer durability, bed border, path demarcation, length: 1 pc. x 100cm, height: 20cm
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    Here is an overview of some brands that offer bed edging made of willow:

    • Floranica
    • windhager
    • BooGardi
    • Nature LOUNGE
    • willow pro
    • vidaXL

    You can buy willow bed borders cheaply from the following retailers and shops (selection):

    • OBI
    • Hornbach
    • Hagebau
    • Amazon

    frequently asked Questions

    Buy bed edging made of willow or make it yourself?

    Numerous variants of bed edgings made of willow are commercially available. If, despite the large selection, you don't find a version to your liking, you can also make the border yourself - provided you are handy and willing to take a little time for this task.

    Here we explain step by step how to proceed:

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