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The tropical plant offers real advantages for home gardens. As a decorative element, the Musa moves into offices, living rooms and conservatories. Its tropical character also inspires gardening novices.

Shade and holiday feeling in the home garden

Banana trees can grow very large. Also in German areas they reach growth heights of up to 6 meters. Banana leaves with a length of 1.50 meters quickly impress.

This makes them the perfect shade providers. Last but not least, it inspires nature lovers of all generations with its tropical charm. With a bit of luck, after 3 to 4 years, the Musa will produce charming flowers and small bananas.

Caution: Musa as a houseplant

Many indoor varieties of bananas quickly reach the ceiling. Any purchase should be preceded by thorough research. There are around 400 types of bananas in total.

Dwarf bananas are particularly suitable as houseplants. One of the most popular eating bananas is the Dwarf Cavendish.

Optimal variant from Indonesia: textile banana

The Indonesian fiber banana is wonderfully suited to the climate in western or northern Germany. It survives brief, very low temperatures in its homeland.

Botanists are downright enthusiastic about this variety. It withstands frosts down to -15 degrees Celsius without damage. For this reason, it does not have to be prepared particularly intensively for the German winter. She pulls in her leaves at the beginning of winter dormancy. A natural protective layer of mulch (about 20 centimeters thick) is recommended.

The leaves of this banana variety are used in the textile industry in Indonesia.

Additional advantages:

  • easy-care
  • decorative
  • exotic
  • easy to overwinter
  • form offshoots

tips and tricks

Before making a purchase, it is worth taking a virtual walk through the wide range on offer. Hobby gardeners can realize the dream of their own banana tree with seeds or small plants themselves.

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