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The Prunus domestica inspires with proper care and ideal location with a rich harvest. At intervals of one to two years, natural fertilizers also support growth. The following article explains what you should pay attention to.

Pay attention to the origin:

Basically, there are different ways to positively support plant growth. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take a detailed look at the origin of the fertilizers used.


For the production of natural fertilizer it is advisable to use only untreated plants. Fertilize with mature compost.

manure or manure

Check carefully with suppliers of manure or stable manure. This fertilizer is compatible with your plum tree only without residues of medicines.

fertilizer for fruit trees

Liquid fertilizer is ideally used. When buying, make sure that it is suitable for fruit trees.

Properly fertilize trees

When planting the plum tree, add a little compost directly to the excavation. In the following three to four years, fertilize as follows:

The following rule of thumb applies:

  • A maximum of one to two liters per year
  • young trees: support annually
  • Fertilize every two years from the fifth year

In addition, a small dose of horn meal can promote the nutrient content of the soil. Work this natural remedy directly into the bottom disc of the plum tree.

Prevent and recognize over-fertilization

Plum trees require small doses of nitrogen fertilizer. They are sensitive to excessive amounts. The following features are noticeable:

  • Excessive growth of shoots: fruit and flower formation decreases
  • soft flowers, leaves and plums due to rapid growth
  • Result: more susceptible to pests
  • immature wood suffers from frost damage

Make sure that lawn fertilizer is not used near the Prunus domesticas. Due to the high nitrogen content, this has a negative effect on development. So that hobby gardeners can be on the safe side, it is advisable to carry out a regular soil test. For this purpose, a site soil sample is examined by specialists every four years. For sustainable growth, it can make sense to carry out a magnesium test at the same time. A garden pass provides information about environmentally friendly fertilization.

tips and tricks

Plum trees need regular pruning to thrive. In this way, hobby gardeners can enjoy large, juicy fruits and a wonderful source of shade.


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