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If puddles form on the lawn after every downpour and the grass only dries very slowly, the subsoil is usually to blame. How to dry a lawn that is too wet and what alternatives to lawns there are.

Level ground and sunny location for dry lawn

If you sow a lawn or create a turf roll on an uneven surface, you have the problem that the lawn is too wet after every downpour. Only if the soil itself is nice and loose can the water seep away after a while.

Therefore, when laying out your lawn, make sure that the surface is completely flat. Fill in depressions and level out bumps.
Lay the lawn in such a way that it gets enough sun. It plays a key role in ensuring that a lawn dries quickly after rain.

Loosen the soil before planting the lawn

  • Dig deep
  • Remove soil compaction
  • bring in a layer of sand
  • Apply a layer of humus

If the soil is too firm, as is the case with loam or clay soil, for example, rainwater cannot run off.

You should therefore loosen solid soil deeply by at least half a meter so that the rainwater can quickly seep into the ground.

Mix too firm soil with sand. This will create an extra layer of drainage. A layer of humus also loosens the soil and at the same time supplies the plant roots with the necessary nutrients.

Provide drainage

For lawns that have already been laid and are too wet, you can use a drainage system to drain rainwater.

For this purpose, underground pipes are laid that collect the water and direct it into a septic tank.

Plant a substitute lawn

An alternative to lawn is planting with lawn substitutes. There are some lawn replacement plants that do well in moist soil.

These include star moss, feather pads and some low ground cover. The turf replacement does not replace a sports turf, but you can use the area.

tips and tricks

On a very compacted ground, sometimes the only option is to do without a lawn. Plant your garden with flowers, shrubs and trees that don't mind wet soil, or create a wet meadow.


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