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The evergreen foliage ensures fresh green in the barren landscape in winter. In summer, the silky-white blossoms that smell of lemons adorn the crown. The evergreen magnolia on standard is stunning in every season.

A solitaire that will never be forgotten

The evergreen magnolia is extremely dominant in its overall expression. At least if it's a few years old… This makes it ideal as a solitaire. She convinces all year round with her decorative appearance.

Whether in parks, on open lawns, in large gardens, as a house tree, for avenues, in public squares or elsewhere, it stands out from other plants everywhere. If you are looking for something extravagant, this plant is for you!

Growth of this deciduous tree

The Magnolia grandiflora, as this tree is also called, is grown as a standard in this country, usually up to 6 m tall. In width, it assumes a similar dimension with its crown. The crown has a pyramidal shape and is well branched. By nature, it appears perfect in its appearance and densely built.

space and location

You should plan a lot of space for such a plant. A minimum distance of 4 m is recommended on all sides. When the evergreen magnolia has grown to a standard, there is plenty of room under its crown for other plants such as winter bloomers, spring bloomers, ground cover and smaller shrubs. Basically, the location should be sheltered from the wind and allow plenty of sunlight to penetrate.

Be careful when cutting!

If you want to cut this magnolia, please note the following:

  • has slow growth
  • blooms on one year old wood
  • best time: late winter
  • Consequence: branches out richer
  • can be kept compact with pruning (for smaller gardens)

Protect trunk in winter

Young evergreen magnolias on clear stems should be protected in winter for the first few years. Many varieties are poorly hardy. Protect the trunk with fleece, the branches and twigs with jute and the root area with bark mulch, leaves, straw and brushwood.

tips and tricks

Don't worry if your Magnolia grandiflora isn't blooming. These are not necessarily errors in care, but it takes many years (unfortunately a decade) until the first flowers appear.

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