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An imaginative balcony design is not a question of budget. With a skilful combination of beautiful types of balcony plants and original planters, you can conjure up an appearance that draws everyone's attention. Be inspired by these ideas for an individual plant arrangement on your balcony.

A mixture of strong green and colorful flowers makes every balcony an eye-catcher

Reinterpreting everyday objects - ideas for unorthodox planters

There are countless ideas to be discovered in the attic, in the basement or at flea markets for cleverly and unconventionally staging balcony plants. The following suggestions demonstrate which everyday objects would like to be a flower box (€16.99) or a bucket in their second life:

  • Plant colorful succulents on old shoes or boots
  • Fill an inverted umbrella with substrate to plant flowers, grasses or herbs
  • Colorful pots with balcony plants hang between the steps of a ladder
  • Convert wooden drawers in a shabby look into planters

Discarded zinc tubs, milk cans, wash tubs and wheelbarrows from the farm enter into a congenial partnership with balcony plants to amaze every viewer.

Convert annual climbing plants into privacy screens

If you don't like sitting on the platter on your balcony, you can use annual climbing plants as a blooming privacy screen. Pre-grown on the windowsill and planted in a box with integrated trellis in mid-May, the following skystormers with their dense foliage and blossoms ward off prying eyes:

  • Black-eyed Susan (Thunbergia alata)
  • Morning glory (Ipomoea)
  • Sweet peas (Lathyrus)
  • Mandevilla (Dipladenia)

The special advantages of annual climbing flowers are the low weight and the never-ending flowering period. Since the plants do not become woody, they are also suitable as floral lightweights for the small balcony. In a sunny, warm location, the bright flowers remain until the first frost.

Convert wooden pallets into a herb bed

Inventive balcony gardeners have discovered wooden pallets to conjure up stylish flower boxes. Even a single Euro pallet is sufficient as the starting material for a stylish herb bed. Up to 6 plant compartments are created, which offer ideal conditions for popular balcony herbs.

Cheeky and unmistakable - discarded jeans as a flower pot

Are you in the mood for planters that cause a sensation on the balcony? Then don't put your worn-out jeans in the old clothes collection. This is how a pair of jeans becomes a cheeky flowerpot:

  • Stuff a pair of brightly colored rubber boots with newspaper and tuck in the pant legs
  • Fill jeans with construction foam up to the buttocks and bring them into the desired position on the balcony
  • Place a matching flower bowl with a heavy stone in the waistband
  • Fix the waistband with a tension belt until the construction foam has dried after 48 hours

Stone and strap are removed after drying time. Now you can plant the flower bowl as you wish. For an authentic decoration, pull a belt, colored hemp rope or cloth through the loops on the waistband.


Numerous magnificent balcony plants are cultivated as annuals, although they thrive in their tropical home countries for several years. Don't toss petunias, geraniums, and other summer beauties on the compost in the fall. Planted in good time and pruned back to 15 cm, the flowers overwinter in a frost-free basement without any problems.

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