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As decorative permanent guests, hardy potted plants should not be missing on the balcony. In every season, frost-resistant ornamental trees characterize the successful balcony design with attributes such as evergreen leaves, beautiful flowers and colorful fruit decorations. This guide introduces you to recommended balcony plants that overwinter outside without any problems.

Rhododendron survives the winter on the balcony

Evergreen, floriferous and hardy - premium potted plants for the balcony

Evergreen potted plants with robust winter hardiness are the indispensable substitutes for year-round greening on the balcony. When flowers, perennials and tropical summer plants retire in winter, the following ornamental shrubs bravely hold their ground:

Evergreen, hardy potted plants botanical name growth height blossoms heyday special feature
mahonia mahonia aquifolium 80 to 120 cm golden umbels of flowers April and May beautiful fall color
Barberry 'Jytte' Berberis candidula 80 to 100 cm yellow bell flowers May and June pillow-like growth
laurel rose Kalmia latifolia 80 to 100 cm pink sea of flowers June bright red buds in May
Mediterranean Snowball Viburnum tinus 80 to 150 cm white-pink cymes March to April Steel-blue fruit decoration, shiny green leaves
Dwarf Rhododendron Rhododendron micrantum 50 to 100 cm numerous colorful varieties May/June to June/July well tolerated by cuts

While these container plants are reliably hardy, we recommend additional protection in the form of a winter fleece cover and a wooden block for a foot.

Floral problem solvers for low-light locations - shade bloomers for the tub

If balcony gardeners struggle with shady niches, the following problem solvers for imaginative greening come into play. These hardy potted plants stage happy floral moments when there is a shortage of light on the balcony:

Shade-tolerant potted plants for the balcony botanical name growth height blossom heyday special feature
Shadowbell 'Carnaval' Pieris japonica 80 to 100 cm White March and April fiery red leaf shoots
Bergenia 'Evening Glow' Bergenia cordifolia 40 to 50 cm dark purple April and May wintergreen
Scarlet Fuchsia Fuchsia magellanica 80 to 100 cm Red July to October rare hardy fuchsia
European ostrich fern Matteuccia struthiopteris 80 to 120 cm no flowers no heyday ostrich feather-like fronds
Gold-rimmed sedge 'Aureovariegata' Carex morrowii 30 to 40 cm no flowers no heyday yellow-white edged culms


With a clever fertilizer strategy, you strengthen the frost hardiness of your balcony plants in the tub. For this purpose, switch the nutrient supply to a potassium-rich fertilizer in late summer. Among other things, potassium has the special property of lowering the freezing point in cell water. Well suited are comfrey manure, liquid potassium fertilizer from specialist shops or Patentkali.

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