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When a harsh winter or hot summer leaves your lawn bare, give the stressed lawn a makeover. These instructions explain how scarifying and overseeding transforms holey green into a velvety carpet of lawn.

Scarifying reveals bare spots

Scarifying and leveling out unevenness - this is how it works

The lawn mower is used for the first stage in the beauty program. Mow the green area at the lowest level. Then scarify the lawn lengthwise and crosswise to comb out all the weeds and moss. Please set the scarifier (€84.00) to a depth of between 2 and 4 mm. Sweep the clippings completely with the rake.

The scarified lawn not only reveals all the bare spots, but also brings bumps to light. With a mix of sifted garden soil and sand in a ratio of 2:1, level out the bumpy areas.

Instructions for skilful overseeding - How to do it right

It is an advantage if you have lawn seeds from the original sowing on hand. Alternatively, the specialist trade offers special seed mixtures, such as 'Loretta repair lawn seed' or 'Neudorff gapless'. How to sow correctly:

  • Set the spreader to the manufacturer's recommended distribution density
  • Fill the lawn seed into the spreader and mix thoroughly by hand
  • Push a lawn roller over the seed for good ground contact

You can choose to spread lawn seed by hand. To better estimate the seed density, weigh a handful of seeds beforehand. Please distribute the seed in two throwing directions - first lengthways, then across. Once you have established the necessary contact with the ground, sprinkle the lawn surface with water.


After scarifying and overseeding, continuously keep the lawn slightly moist to protect the seedlings from drought stress. Irrigate the reseeded green area daily in dry weather in the early morning or in the evening. The lawn gets its first cut when it has grown to a height of 8 to 10 cm.


Between April and September the time window is open to scarify a moss-covered lawn. However, the scarifier should remain in the shed when it has rained. Tackling wet lawns with sharp scarifier blades leaves behind a bog that cannot be repaired by simply overseeding.

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