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Clever inventors have figured out how to blame a self-propelled lawn mower for the strenuous mowing work. We looked over the shoulder of a resourceful hobbyist as he built a remote-controlled lawn mower himself with a little skill. Get inspiration on how it works here.

The conversion of a lawnmower is possible, but not for non-technical laymen

How to make your lawn mower self-propelled - tips for the conversion

To build a lawn mower robot yourself, you need the following materials:

  • Gasoline Lawnmower
  • DC geared motors (DC geared motors or electric geared motors with brushes)
  • Boat engine controller with suitable RC electronics (radio remote controlled electronics)
  • Screws, connectors and special parts
  • Remote control
  • tool

In the first step, the petrol lawn mower is gutted. Temporarily remove the wheels in order to connect them to the geared motors and reinstall them. To mount the motors, simply cut out appropriately sized openings in the mower deck. Once all the wiring has been done, you can start a test run with the remote control. From now on you can take care of tiresome lawn mowing from the comfort of your garden chair with the remote control in your hand.

The effort required for future lawn mowing is limited to starting the engine with the cable pull. You can read a tip on how you can save yourself this trouble here.

Self-made lawnmowers do not care for themselves

With the conversion work explained, you have taught your lawn mower how to cut the lawn on its own. However, care and maintenance work remains your responsibility. So that you can enjoy your remote-controlled garden helper for a long time, the following steps must not be neglected:

  • Clean the device thoroughly after each mowing
  • Clean the air filter and spark plugs at 25 to 30 hour intervals
  • Empty the petrol tank before winter
  • Carry out an oil change or top up with fresh oil

Your self-made lawn mower spends its well-deserved winter break in a dry, frost-free room. To prevent dust from settling in the drive motors, cover the device with a cloth. Foil is unsuitable for this purpose as condensation could form, causing corrosion and rusting.


In contrast to a home-made petrol lawn mower, a real lawn mower robot runs on environmentally friendly energy from the battery. Elaborate maintenance work is neglected here, as is the hassle of smoking exhaust fumes. The only downer is the significantly higher price.

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