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When cladding the inner walls of the arbor, it is mostly about additional insulation. But this can also make sense if you want to beautify the interior and, for example, wallpaper or plaster it. Covering the interior is very easy, with a little manual skill this job can be done in a short time.

Wood paneling looks chic

The tool you need

  • cordless screwdriver
  • jigsaw
  • staple gun

List of materials needed

  • plasterboard, furniture panels or profiled wooden boards
  • Roof battens, if additionally insulated, should have the thickness of the insulation material
  • spax screws

If you want to insulate, also one of the following insulating materials:

  • mineral wool
  • wood wool
  • hemp fibers
  • styrofoam panels

battens and insulation

First attach the roof battens in such a way that a scaffolding is created. How you build this depends, among other things, on the size of the plasterboard or profiled wooden boards that will be attached later. If you want to insulate, the distances should be calculated so that the insulating materials fit exactly between the batten elements.

Pre-drill all holes with a thin drill bit to prevent the wood from splitting. The scaffolding is then attached to the outer wall with spax screws. The insulating material is then cut to size and installed.

Attention: If you use mats made of glass or rock wool, you should definitely wear a face mask and gloves.

attach fairing

Now attach the sheetrock or furniture panels. The interior paneling is then painted, wallpapered or plastered according to your own taste.

If you have decided on profiled wooden boards, you should glaze them in advance. The grooves are attached to the battens with a tacker, so this work can be done very quickly.


You can cover the ceiling in the same way. If you would also like to give the floor a new look, you can use floorboards or hard-wearing OSB boards for this.

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