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The monkey tree or araucaria impresses with its special growth form. In order to keep this shape, it is better not to cut a monkey tree at all, but simply let it grow. If a cut is absolutely unavoidable, you need to heed a few tips.

The monkey tree should only be pruned when absolutely necessary

When is cutting the Araucaria announced?

The monkey tree looks most beautiful when it is simply allowed to grow. Keep in mind that every cut can affect the growth habit and cost the tree additional strength. If you shorten the top of the monkey tree, it will not grow any further.

Sometimes it may be necessary to cut individual branches because they are broken, dried up or too long. Twigs need to be cut less often because they are infested with fungi.

How to properly prune the monkey tree

  • Wait for a warm, dry day
  • Remove the branch directly from the trunk
  • don't leave stubs
  • use sharp saw

Avoid pruning the monkey tree on a wet day. Then too much moisture can enter the tree through the interfaces. This promotes the development of fungal diseases. Use sharp cutters to avoid tearing branches when cutting. Clean the blades before use to avoid spreading diseases.

Always cut the branches directly at the trunk. Don't leave butts. This not only looks ugly, but also slows down growth.

You can shorten branches that are too long. Always cut them back just above a branch so that they are the same length as the branch growing below.

Consider space requirements when planting

A monkey tree can reach a considerable height and width. Therefore, consider the space required when planting the tree. Then there is no need for cutting later.

In a favorable location, it grows up to five meters high and three to four meters wide. Incidentally, male specimens do not grow quite as large as female trees.


It takes a few years for the Araucaria to reach its final height because the monkey tree grows slowly. It takes 30 years until the first flowering. Only then can new offshoots be pulled from the cones.

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