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Aphids are on the spot just in time for the start of the gardening season. The lice brazenly colonize the leaves of flowers, perennials and woody plants in droves. In order to combat the pests effectively, the use of chemical insecticides in the home garden is frowned upon. Rather, you have a whole arsenal of natural resources at your disposal to make your garden a lice-free zone. We have put together the best home remedies for you here.

Lice can also be successfully combated with home remedies

Means with immediate effect - it's easy with water

In the fight against lice, the effect of water is underestimated. At least in the early stages of an infestation, put a stop to the sucking pests. Rinse the affected plant with as strong a jet of water as possible. Since aphids primarily romp around on the underside of the leaves, overhead treatment brings the maximum control success.

Soap solution - home remedy with maximum impact

The effectiveness of pure curd soap or organic soft soap (44.90€) against lice of all kinds has proven itself so convincingly in practice that this ecological agent easily stands up to comparison with chemical insecticides. How to use the home remedy correctly:

  • Boil 1 liter of water
  • Dissolve 50 grams of pure curd soap or organic soap in it
  • Add 1 teaspoon of alcohol if the affected plant tolerates it

Fill the cooled agent into a hand or pressure sprayer and apply it to the underside and top of the affected leaves. Please also spray shoots and leaf axils. As characteristic of home remedies, do not fight the entire brood with just one application. Therefore, repeat the treatment at intervals of 2 to 3 days. If you can't find any more aphids even with a magnifying glass, the soap solution has done its job brilliantly.

Home remedies without water - this is how dry combat succeeds

If fungal infections and aphids are rampant in the garden at the same time, damp leaves are counterproductive. Although the lice are at a disadvantage with shower or soap solution, fungal spores use the wet conditions to spread explosively. You can effectively combat aphids with pure charcoal ash or rock dust without moistening the infested plant.


In the near-natural garden with numerous beneficial insects, lice are at a loss. With straw-filled, inverted flower pots, piles of leaves, rotten tree trunks and mixed hedges, you invite natural predators of aphids to linger, such as birds, earwigs, ladybugs and spiders.

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