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The home of the rosewood tree is in the tropics of South America. There it is never exposed to cold, so the tree is not hardy. Rosewood trees are therefore either kept indoors all year round or, after a summer on the terrace, overwintered indoors in a frost-free place.

The rosewood tree comes from the tropics and does not like the cold at all

The rosewood tree is not hardy

Since the palisander tree does not tolerate any cold, it must either be kept indoors all year round or placed in a frost-free place over the winter.

If you grow it indoors all year round, it can stay in its usual place even in winter and doesn't have to be kept cooler. However, a location directly next to or above the heating does not suit him.

A good place to overwinter

If you take care of the palisander tree on the terrace or balcony in summer, you must bring it indoors in good time before winter. The outside temperatures should never be cooler than ten degrees.

Premises where the temperature is around 15 degrees and which are as bright as possible are ideal as winter quarters:

  • slightly heated conservatory
  • bright hallway window
  • not too warm bedroom window

How to care for the rosewood tree in winter

The palisander tree is watered regularly even in winter, without waterlogging occurring. In winter, fertilizer is only applied at fourteen-day intervals.

In winter it loses all its leaves

For our latitudes, it is quite normal for the palisander tree to shed all its leaves in winter. It's just too dark here and even plant lamps often don't provide enough light.

But that's no cause for concern. The rosewood tree sprout again in spring and develops its filigree, up to 40 cm long pinnate leaves by the next winter.

Get used to the fresh air after the winter break

From May it is time to get the rosewood tree used to the fresh air again. First, put him outside for an hour or so once it's warm enough. In the early days, you should avoid direct sunlight.


For a rosewood tree to flower, it must be at least two meters tall. This usually does not succeed in room culture. The rosewood is therefore primarily grown as a green plant or bonsai.

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