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In principle, the yucca palm can also be cultivated wonderfully in the various hydro systems, whereby you can in principle use all standard hydro substrates such as expanded clay, pebbles or plastic. You don't even need special pots, because low-maintenance hydroponics can also be implemented in conventional planters - thanks to the right substrate, proper drainage and a water level indicator.

Hydroponic farming has several advantages

Benefits of Hydroponics

Many people do not dare to grow their plants hydroponically; the system is too complicated. This form of plant culture offers great advantages, especially for working people and also for allergy sufferers. A yucca in hydroponics needs to be watered less often, you should only pay attention to the water level and refill it from time to time. Otherwise, the plant can "help itself" at any time and simply fetch as much water as it actually needs. Allergy sufferers, on the other hand, appreciate that the numerous fungal spores that normally occur in any natural plant substrate are completely eliminated when using hydro substrates.

Switching from soil to hydroponics

So there is a lot to be said for growing a yucca hydroponically. However, if a yucca palm tree that previously grew in soil is now to be cultivated in hydroponics, the entire root system must first be freed from the old substrate. This is immensely important, otherwise the changeover will not succeed! It is best to wait until the soil is completely dry as this is the easiest way to expose the root. Then rinse the root system thoroughly with warm water to remove the last bits of substrate.

Caution: conversion is problematic, especially with older plants

But caution is advised, because switching from soil to hydroponics is problematic, especially with larger and older plants, and is often associated with failures (i.e. the plants die). By removing the old substrate and the associated washing out of the roots, injuries cannot be avoided. Therefore, if the change cannot be avoided, the yucca should always be cut back. At best, you cultivate young plants in hydro substrate from the start, then there will be no problems with any conversion.

Proper care for yucca in hydroponics

After the conversion or potting in hydro substrate, the yucca only receives water without the addition of nutrients. After about three to four weeks you can then add special nutrient solution suitable for hydroponics. Never fertilize hydroponic plants with conventional fertilizer, this is far too strong and will lead to over-fertilization and thus root damage. In winter, you should keep the water level constantly low so that the root stays only slightly moist. A nutrient additive can be dispensed with during the cold months.


As a rule, hydro substrates do not have to be replaced. Occasional repotting, when the yucca no longer fits in its planter, should still be done.

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