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Mimosas are often grown as annual plants because they do not overwinter well. You don't have to repot annual mimosas at all. If you are growing the plant perennial, you should transplant it as soon as the roots grow out of the pot.

Mimosas are repotted in spring

When do you need to repot the mimosa?

It's time to repot the mimosa when the roots grow out of the drainage hole below. Even if the root ball completely fills the pot and emerges from the top of the pot, it is time to treat the plant to a new, slightly larger pot.

Ideally, repot the mimosa in spring. But check regularly whether the roots still have enough space in the planter.

You should repot newly purchased mimosas immediately after purchase. The pots are often too small and the substrate too drained or too moist.

Don't choose a pot that is too big

The roots of the mimosa must be able to spread. However, a pot that is too large is not recommended. The leaves of the mimosa are much more decorative and the plant flowers more beautifully in a smaller pot.

The planter must have a sufficiently large drainage hole so that no waterlogging can form.

This is how you repot correctly

  • pot mimosa
  • shake off old soil
  • possibly prune roots
  • Fill the pot with fresh soil
  • insert plant
  • Press the substrate carefully

Carefully remove the mimosa from the old pot. Shake off the old earth. Check if the roots are still healthy. If necessary, you should cut off rotten and diseased roots before moving to a new pot.

Prepare a pot with fresh substrate and carefully plant the mimosa. Press the soil down lightly and water the plant.

After repotting, you must not fertilize the mimosa at first. Place the pot in a bright, warm spot. Avoid direct sunlight at first.

Which plant substrate is suitable?

Simple compost or potting soil is suitable as a plant substrate, which you can loosen with a little sand or fine gravel.


After repotting, the leaves of the mimosa look very torn and battered for a while. That is normal. After a while they recover.

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