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Water lilies create a literal sea of flowers on ponds and lakes in summer. With their flowers, they can take up the entire surface of the water and provide romantic, dreamy accents. But when exactly is their heyday?

The main flowering time for water lilies is in June

From early summer to late summer

If the spring was mild, the first water lily blossoms open in May. Most species are usually in full bloom in June. The flowers have these properties:

  • fragrant
  • hermaphrodite
  • remind of stars
  • wide open to half open
  • 6 to 50 free petals
  • colored white, yellow, red, blue, orange, green or purple

duration of the flowering period

The duration of the flowering period depends on the species and location of the plant. Some species only flower for a few days, others for several weeks or months. The flowering period of the white water lily, for example, lasts until September.

On average, the flowers of water lilies are open for 3 to 7 days. The reason why the flowering period can extend over several months is that new flowers are constantly being formed. There are also species, such as tropical species with blue flowers, that bloom only at night and have their flowers closed during the day.

What to do to increase flowering time

Flowering is already encouraged when planting. A location with at least 6 hours of sunshine per day, in calm water that is not too shallow is important. After hibernation you should fertilize your water lilies. It is also advisable to divide these plants regularly.


If your water lilies aren't blooming, it's usually because the plants are too dense and the leaves are crowded together, leaving no room for flowers.

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