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Are you planning to plant a water lily? Then what are you waiting for? Read the article below and be inspired by the world of water lilies and their species!

The white water lily is considered to be the most beautiful of the water lily species

The White Water Lily

It is considered to be the most beautiful native water lily species. But: It is under nature protection and must therefore not be taken from wild ponds and lakes. Buy them and plant them! It will soon overgrow large ponds. It can take on depths of up to 3 m.

Here are the characteristics of Nymphaea alba:

  • Distribution: Europe, Asia, North Africa
  • up to 30 cm large, kidney-shaped leaves
  • dark green leaf color
  • Flowering period: May to September
  • each flower is open for 3 to 7 days
  • flowers: wide open, 12 cm in diameter, 25 petals
  • Flower color: white

The dwarf water lily

This specimen is made for small ponds with a low water level (maximum 20 cm). It is hardy and can even thrive in pots. The dwarf water lily flowers from June to August and presents 2.5 to 5 cm wide, star-shaped, white flowers with a pink base.

The blue water lily

The blue water lily, which originally comes from Egypt, is not hardy in this country. It impresses with bright green leaves that grow up to 40 cm in size and are wavy at the edge. Its flowers are lilac to blue stars that reach 20 cm in diameter.

Other water lily species

The Mexican water lily is also interesting with its yellow colour. The blue Cape water lily captivates with blue colored flowers. The flowers of the colorful water lily are also blue (blue-purple and golden yellow at the base). This species flowers for a very long time, comes from the tropics and is therefore not hardy in this country.

Furthermore, these 3 types are recommended:

  • Giant water lily: from Australia and New Guinea, flowers up to 30 cm in diameter, July to September
  • Fragrant water lily: from the USA, tends to proliferate, June to August, white flowers
  • Glossy water lily: from Eastern Europe, half-open flowers, 9 cm wide, white


If you decide to buy several types of water lilies, you should be aware that some are less competitive than others and can be quickly displaced.

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