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They are probably the best-selling cut roses, the tea roses. Since countless varieties have been bred in recent decades, it is difficult to keep track of the best specimens. But below you will get it!

The tea rose 'Fairest Cape' inspires with its delicate multicolored

Monochrome Hybrid Tea Roses with persuasive power

White hybrid tea roses are synonymous with purity, simple elegance and are perfect for bridal bouquets. The best varieties include 'Schloss Ippenburg' with its porcelain-white flowers and 'Roger Whittaker' with pure white flowers. Both varieties grow up to 120 cm high.

Yellow to orange hybrid tea roses are not overlooked visually. The 'Berolina' variety shows caramel-colored flowers. 'Landora', on the other hand, captivates with the radiant lemon yellow of its cup-shaped flowers. In order to be able to enjoy such beautiful hybrid tea roses for a long time, you should not neglect the care!

Pure romance - red varieties

As cut flowers, red hybrid tea roses are the dearly longed-for gift of many women in love. They stand for romance and eroticism. Here are the most popular varieties:

  • 'Cherry Lady': cherry red
  • 'Burgundy 81': burgundy red
  • 'Bellevue': fiery red
  • 'Super Star': coral red
  • 'Ingrid Bergmann': dark red

Pink varieties

The pink-colored tea roses look playful, delicate and fresh at the same time. We recommend these varieties with their outstanding properties:

  • 'Eliza': pink, ADR rose
  • 'Pink Paradise': bright pink, rather short in stature at 90 cm
  • 'Florence on the Elbe': pink, filled, 120 cm high
  • 'Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-Rose': dark pink, 120 cm high

Multicolored hybrid tea roses - perfect as a solitaire

The multicolored varieties do best in solitary stands:

  • 'Fairest Cape': canary yellow, orange, pink
  • 'Athena': creamy yellow, pink
  • 'philately': pink, white
  • 'Fantasia Mondiale': pink, yellow-orange
  • 'Nostalgia': red, white
  • 'Broceliande': yellow, pink
  • 'Empress Farah': red, white
  • 'Pullman Orient Express': yellow, pink

Nostalgic Hybrid Tea Roses

The following hybrid tea roses are densely filled and quartered. As a result, they arouse nostalgia and are visually simply unique!

  • 'Alexandrine': pink-orange
  • 'Ascot': burgundy
  • 'Kingfisher': pink
  • 'Capri': apricot
  • 'Candlelight': sunny yellow
  • 'Aphrodite': pastel pink
  • 'Happy Piano': ball-shaped, light pink

Hybrid tea roses with a wonderful scent

These hybrid tea roses are the ideal choice for planting in the scented garden:

  • 'Love of Molene'
  • 'anastasia'
  • 'Aachen Cathedral'
  • 'blue girl'
  • 'fragrance frenzy'
  • 'Scent Festival'
  • 'Gloria Dei'
  • 'Beverly'


Are you looking for a tea rose that is easy to cut and is guaranteed to be a rarity? Then how about the variety 'Black Baccara'. It flowers in an almost black color!

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