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The Westerland shrub rose is one of the most popular varieties of roses. It not only impresses with its copper-orange flower color, but also with its fabulous fragrance and its resistance. How do you cut them correctly?

The shrub rose 'Westerland' is very popular because of its beautiful colour

Cut - not absolutely necessary

The Westerland shrub rose usually grows to a height of up to 150 cm. In width it reaches a dimension of about 80 cm. But there are also exceptions. If it is not cut and is in a favorable location, it can grow shoots up to 3 m long!

Westerland has comparatively very long shoots and is therefore also well suited as a climbing rose. The upright growth is well branched and healthy. Basically, a cut is not absolutely necessary to be able to enjoy this shrub rose every year.

Cut back in spring

Like other roses, the Westerland shrub rose should preferably be pruned back in spring between February and March. This is especially true when growing in a region that has a rather harsh climate.

What you should know:

  • gladly cut down radically to 5 to 6 eyes (60 to 80 cm)
  • radical pruning promotes lush budding
  • alternatively cut back slightly to around 100 cm
  • Shape cut not necessary
  • Cutting causes a rich bloom

Cut off the wilted flowers in summer

The Westerland shrub rose can bloom from June to autumn. But so that new flowers are formed every few weeks, the old flowers have to be cut off as maintenance. Cut off the old flowers to below the underlying leaf. After about 6 weeks of waiting, new buds have formed.

Also note this!

  • remove diseased plant parts quickly
  • cut diagonally
  • Cut about 0.5 cm above a protruding eye
  • Completely remove inward growing, crossing, weak and dead shoots
  • use sharp and clean rose scissors
  • 3 to 5 strong shoots should be retained
  • if necessary, remove any remaining rose hips from the previous year


The Westerland shrub rose usually forgives pruning mistakes. If you cut off too much, the rose will sprout again.

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