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Almost everyone can buy ready-made specimens, right? It is much more fun to grow the desert rose from seeds and with your own hands. But what should you pay attention to? How long does it take until the first flower?

The seed germinates best in a warm place

Germinate the seeds

Not much can go wrong when sowing the seeds. But one aspect in particular can prevent sowing from being successful: If you sow the seeds too deep, don't be surprised if they don't germinate. They should be sown no more than 1 cm deep. It is better to just press them to the ground and keep them moist.

Put in a warm place and wait

If the seeds were sown correctly, they are now placed in a warm place. Heated living rooms and kitchens are well suited. You can also place the seed pot over a heater or near the stove. A lot of heat accelerates the germination process. It usually takes 4 to 10 days for the seeds to germinate. In some cases it may take longer.

Something becomes visible…

First, the future tribes become apparent. They are brownish-green structures that are the first to emerge from the earth. They are elongated, smooth and erect. Within a few days, the first pair of fresh green leaves will form on them.

After the seeds emerge - this is how it goes

Anyone who has come this far is far from being a genius. The art is to continue cultivating the desert rose successfully. The following is important now:

  • put in a bright and warm place
  • fertilize the young plants regularly but sparingly
  • allow the soil to dry out slightly from time to time
  • keep evenly moist
  • Prick out and repot from a size of 10 cm (cactus soil)

You will have to be patient for the first time your cultivated desert roses bloom. These specimens will not flower until the second year of life at the earliest. Provided that the location, the care and the hibernation have been right up to that point.


It is best to only use fresh seeds that are no more than 6 months old for propagation. The fresher the seeds are, the safer and faster they will germinate.

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