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Not only people like the edible hollyhock, which is even one of the old medicinal plants, some pests also like to eat the mallow plant. If you want your plant to remain beautiful and bloom profusely, then take precautions.

Snails are the worst enemy of hollyhocks

Which pests make the hollyhock particularly difficult?

Snails are particularly hard on the hollyhock, because they particularly like the young leaves. The younger the plant, the more damage snails can do. In the case of heavy snail damage, the whole plant may die. The mallow flea, beetles, caterpillars, spider mites and shrews also like to feed on the hollyhock.

How to prevent pest infestation?

The best precaution against disease and infestation with pests is an ideal location and good care. Strong and healthy plants are attacked less often, they are simply more resilient.

Always plant hollyhocks in a place that is as sunny as possible with permeable but not too moist soil. Water the plants regularly, daily during the summer flowering period. This also helps against the mallow flea, which occurs particularly on dry and firm ground.

Pest control in hollyhocks

Regularly collecting the voracious creatures at the beginning of darkness helps against snails. In humid summers, the snails are particularly numerous. Then it may also be necessary to use slug pellets (7.49€) to get the plague under control.

Spraying with nettle manure often helps against other pests. Unfortunately, this spray is very smelly. If you are sensitive in the relationship, then it is better to use a suds of water and curd soap. The effect is just as good. You should only use insecticides if the infestation is very severe.

The most important tips against pests:

  • prevention is better than fighting pests
  • sunny location
  • avoid too much moisture
  • Avoid insecticides if possible
  • collect snails
  • Nettle manure or curd soap against insects


The healthier and stronger your hollyhocks are, the less they suffer from diseases and pests. Therefore, do not buy or plant weak hollyhocks.

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