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The Elfenspiegel adorns balconies and terraces for many weeks with its flowers in a wide variety of colors. Hybrids are often offered as annual summer flowers, but there are also perennial species that are worth overwintering.

The Elfenspiegel needs water regularly

Plant the elf mirror

Originally from South Africa, the Elfenspiegel loves a sunny location. You are also doing your plant a big favor by placing it in a wind-protected place. The soil does not have to be particularly nutrient-rich. However, many hybrids are bred for rich flowering, these plants are a little hungrier than the wild varieties.

Since the Elfenspiegel is not really hardy, you should only plant it in late spring. In the case of young plants, it is best to wait until after the ice saints in May before planting them out, as they are still quite susceptible to frost. Put a little well-rotted compost in the planting hole and water the newly planted Elfenspiegel well.

Pour and fertilize the Elfenspiegel

Keep the soil evenly moist throughout the summer and water your elfin mirror regularly. However, you should definitely avoid waterlogging, otherwise the roots could rot. If you are unsure about the perfect watering time, then always water when the top layer of soil has dried.

The Elfenspiegel does not need much fertilizer. For many species, it is sufficient to fertilize them once after pruning. However, very lush flowering hybrids also tolerate a little more food. Here you can add a little liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water about once or twice a month.

Cut the elf mirror

A pruning not only ensures a tidy appearance but also a long flowering period or a second flowering. Around July, the first flood of flowers in the Elfenspiegel is over. Now is the best time for a complete pruning, as it encourages the formation of new buds.

Alternatively, you can also regularly remove the withered flowers. The experienced gardeners call this "cleaning out". Then new buds are constantly formed and there is no pause in flowering as with a radical pruning.

The essentials in brief:

  • sunny sheltered location
  • water a lot
  • fertilize little
  • not hardy


By pruning, you encourage your elf mirror to bloom again.

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