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Dwarf bananas are usually used as houseplants. In this way, a decorative, refreshingly green and varied eye-catcher moves into the home. Practical tips make care easy.

A banana tree makes a good houseplant

Favorite sunny spot

With the right location, it also works with cultivation. Especially in the cool, dark season, this is very important for the banana tree.

  • very bright (windowsill)
  • protect against drafts
  • nevertheless place it airy (own circulation)
  • pay attention to high humidity (at least 50%)

During the summer, the banana loves to be outdoors. However, it should be deliberately placed so that it is protected from the wind.

Important basis: the flower pot

For the banana plant to thrive, it not only needs a suitable pot. Rather, frequent repotting is recommended.

Excess water should be able to run off. Clay planter pots are best.


  • Integrate drainage
  • don't plant too deep
  • Don't choose a pot that is too big
  • ensure a stable position

special needs

Hobby gardeners need a little finesse to water the banana correctly. Over time, they quickly find the right balance.

Don't water the banana tree too much or too little.

  • in summer a lot of water is required, the larger the leaves, the more it evaporates
  • lime-free water (rainwater)

Absolutely avoid:

  • waterlogging
  • dryness
  • too much fertilizer.

The winter quarters

Depending on the variety, bananas have different requirements in winter. Indoor bananas often need so much light that additional lighting can be useful.

Many bananas need for hibernation:

  • often around 10 degrees Celsius
  • some varieties warmer
  • Living room or kitchen not suitable
  • some bananas want to be cool and dark.
  • the darker it should be, the colder
  • less than 5 degrees Celsius and avoid frost


After a few years, indoor bananas also die off. As soon as the leaves turn yellow and brown, it's time to start a new plant.


When buying, it is advisable to ask for the exact name of the banana plant. In this way, the care can be adapted to individual needs. The banana thanks you with glorious splendor.

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