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Most aloe species come from the arid regions of Africa and are cultivated here as indoor plants for sunny windows or conservatories. Not only its extraordinary appearance, but also its healing properties make aloe vera a popular plant.

Ornamental Perennial Aloe Vera serie2

title: Aloe vera - a houseplant with healing powers

Which location is suitable for aloe vera?

It is advisable to consider before buying an aloe whether you have enough space for the rather fast-growing plant. It should also be as bright as possible. Full sun is no problem for the adult aloe. A greenhouse, a south-facing window or a sunny conservatory are suitable locations.

Does aloe vera need a special substrate?

Commercial house plant soil, mixed with some sand and, if necessary, peat, is a good substrate. The soil should be well drained, as the aloe does not tolerate waterlogging.

What should be considered when planting aloe vera?

If you buy your aloe vera in summer, you should slowly get used to the sun and bright light. First, put them in an east window for a few days. A sufficiently large container with good drainage is also important for healthy growth.

Can you grow aloe vera yourself?

The aloe vera can easily be multiplied by the natural side shoots. The offshoots are formed from adult plants on the trunk. You can also get cuttings from a leaf. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • one cuts off one of the outer leaves,
  • one divides the cut sheet into pieces,
  • the cuttings are placed in the potting soil in a sun-protected location,
  • keep the growing container evenly moist, light and warm.

When should you repot aloe vera?

The aloes grow fast and need a bigger pot every 2-3 years. They are hardy and can be transplanted at any time. However, the best time is May to June.

When does aloe vera bloom?

In spring, under favorable conditions, aloe vera develops a large flower stalk with long, tubular flowers in yellow, orange or red. Buds, fully developed flowers and faded flowers can then be observed simultaneously on an inflorescence. The flowers appear in spring every year. A cool location in winter favors the formation of flowers.


Aloe is often confused with agave. Apart from their similar appearance, the two plants don't have much in common. The biggest difference: agave dies after flowering, while aloe can flower again and again every year.

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