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Aloe vera is a hardy plant that is not susceptible to diseases and pests. Deficiency symptoms can only occur due to incorrect care, which can easily be avoided by choosing the right location and substrate.

Aloe vera is very rarely attacked by diseases and pests

Aloe vera helps against skin diseases

Aloe vera has appeared as a medicinal plant in German pharmacopoeias since the 12th century. Thanks to the active ingredients it contains, aloe vera is still used today to treat all kinds of ailments:

  • in skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and acne,
  • for abscesses and poorly healing wounds,
  • for burns and other skin injuries,
  • for hair loss and dandruff,
  • as a laxative.

Aloe vera itself is rarely diseased

Aloe vera, to which many healing powers are attributed, is extremely robust in its habit. As a result of care mistakes, the aloe vera plants will still get sick, but will recover if you change the care. Poor lighting conditions, permanent waterlogging and a lack of nutrients are the most common causes of deficiency symptoms.

who e.g. B. pouring his aloe vera onto the leaves from above and keeping the substrate permanently wet overall promotes fungal growth and will soon notice that the leaves are softening and the roots may also begin to rot. If there is too little water, however, the leaves curl up. If the aloe vera is exposed to temperatures below 5° Celsius, the leaves can first become glassy from the cold, then brown and later fall off. Brown discoloration on the leaves indicates a lack of nutrients.

Avoid care mistakes, strengthen the plant

The well-groomed plants are rarely visited by pests. If you repot your aloe regularly and always use fresh soil, there is no need to fertilize. If your aloe is outside in the summer, you can occasionally fertilize it with a universal or special fertilizer for succulents. The young plants should be slowly acclimated to the sun. In the case of an infestation of mealybugs or scale insects, rinsing with cold water and additional treatment with an alcohol solution helps.


When the sun is strong, the leaves of aloe vera turn brown. However, this discoloration is harmless and is not a sign of illness or poor care, it is only for sun protection.

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