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You can argue about everything, but let's be honest: The Skimmie is at its most beautiful in winter! Their evergreen foliage, their red flower buds or - in the case of female specimens - their coral-red drupes are visually impressive. But: What about their winter hardiness?

The Skimmie is extremely hardy

A remarkable winter hardiness

The Skimmie can spend the winter time outside. Only in rare cases does frost damage occur to their flower buds and shoots. Its winter hardiness is -20 °C. It is therefore considered fully frost hardy.

Here a winter protection is appropriate!

But you can't always overwinter the Skimmie outside without worrying. If the plant has not been in its location for long, it should receive winter protection. For example, brushwood, leaves, compost, straw and fir branches are well suited. Take your pick!

You should also make sure that there is no frost. This can massively add to the Skimmie. Their shoots can burst and die. A semi-shady to shady location or a location protected from the winter sun offers protection.

Prevent frost damage by watering less

Sometimes unwoody young shoots are damaged by severe frost. Prevent this by reducing watering from August. This will stunt the growth of this evergreen plant. If necessary, you can cut away frozen parts in the spring.

Overwinter Skimmia in a pot

  • indoors: 5 to 10 °C
  • outside: minimum temperature -5 °C
  • ideal locations: conservatory, stairwell, balcony, terrace, unheated greenhouse, bedroom
  • place outside in a shady place and wrap the pot with foil or fleece
  • if the indoor temperatures are too high: the risk of pest infestation is higher

Care during and just after the winter period

In winter, the Skimmia should never be fertilized. Watering is important as this is an evergreen plant. Water enough in winter to keep the soil from drying out. Watering can be increased again from February/March. Fertilizing should not be resumed before March.


With its red flower buds (male)/red fruit (female), the Skimmia is a beautiful ornament in the house at Christmas time. Nevertheless, it should not be placed in the warm living room. The sudden change in temperature can affect her severely.

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