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Brush cutters are useful garden tools anyway when it comes to thinning out shrubs. However, an electronically operated product makes the work even easier. If you would also like to benefit from the technical drive, you will find important purchase criteria in this guide that you should definitely pay attention to. Convince yourself of the numerous advantages of an electrical device in our brush cutter comparison.

Electric brush cutters with thread are particularly popular

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  1. product types
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. Brands/ where to buy
  4. care instructions
  5. equipment
  6. product types

    The electric brush cutter (€149.95) is connected to a power source to put the device into operation. However, two different models are commercially available.

    Electric brush cutter with thread

    our recommendation
    Black + Decker cordless lawn trimmer (Powercommand EasyFeed, 18V 4.0Ah, incl. battery and charger, 30 cm cutting width, for larger areas) STC1840EPC
    129.99 EUR To the product

    The model equipped with threads is usually delivered ready for use. The handling is very easy and the device achieves satisfactory results. In addition, frequent use causes little wear and tear. However, you will still need to change the threads from time to time. Thanks to an automatic system, the change is very easy.

    • Good cutting results
    • Easy to use
    • Little wear and tear
    • Threads need to be changed

    Electric brush cutter with blade

    our recommendation
    Bosch DIY cordless lawn trimmer ART 26-18 LI, rechargeable battery, quick charger, 2 Durablade knives, box (18 V, 2.5 Ah, cutting diameter 26 cm)
    159.90 EUR To the product

    Knives are stronger and more durable than thread. However, this property only applies to use on the lawn. Even small pebbles can lead to cracks and damage to the blade. Thanks to the high performance, knives remove all types of weeds. They are the better choice for a densely overgrown lawn.

    • Pretty tough
    • Remove weeds and tall grass
    • Risk of breakage with small stones

    Other purchase criteria

    Of course, the processing is important for the longevity of a brush cutter. The components should all be screwed together well. If your product makes a robust impression, you should also look at the engine performance.


    our recommendation
    Makita DUR181Z cordless lawn trimmer (18 V, without battery, without charger) DUR181Z
    79.87 EUR To the product

    There are big differences in the motor power of an electric brush cutter. Weak models have a wattage of around 500. For very powerful models, this is even 1,500 watts. However, the latter is not required on small plots. Base your purchase decision on your individual requirements.

    Brands/ where to buy

    Electric brush cutters are available either in hardware stores or on the Internet. In order to test the device for balanced ergonomics, we recommend buying it from a hardware store. However, if you want to benefit from the greatest possible selection and the possibility of comparing prices, you can search the Internet.

    care instructions

    You can only enjoy your product for a long time if you take good care of your electric brush cutter. Clean your device after each use and store it in a protected place.


    our recommendation
    Makita 196146-9 1 line head Tap&Go 1.6mm
    6.49 EUR To the product

    In order to be able to put the electric brush cutter into operation at any time, we recommend that you always have spare parts on hand. Especially with the model equipped with threads, you avoid unwanted forced breaks at work.

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