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Cornus cherries are among the first trees to flower in spring. But what if the cornel just doesn't want to bloom? There are several reasons that can be responsible for the lack of flowers. A little patience usually helps!

Young cornelian cherry plants often do not bloom

Young trees take years to bloom

Many garden owners who have planted a cornel or an entire hedge of cornel are impatiently waiting for the first blossoms.

What many people don't realize is that cornelian cherries often take years to bloom. With a bit of luck, the first few flowers will appear after three years, but sometimes it can take five or more years.

The gardener simply needs patience here. The cornel is one of the slow-growing wild fruit trees and needs time.

pruning at the wrong time

Sometimes the flowering fails even with older cornelian cherries. The reason for this is often a pruning that was carried out too much and, above all, at the wrong time, because the cornel blossoms on the one-year-old wood.

It already develops the beginnings for the flowers in autumn. If the flowering branches are removed, the tree cannot flower.

Therefore, cut the cornelian cherry immediately after flowering and only if it is really necessary. Unless you're planting cornus as a hedge, light pruning is only necessary every two to three years.

The location is not ideal

The cornelian cherry is very robust and easy to care for. It grows on forest edges where the location is more semi-shady. There, however, it develops far fewer flowers than in a sunny place.

Therefore, plant the cornelian cherry in the sunniest possible place.

Cornelian cherries require almost no care

It is not due to lack of care if the cornel does not bloom. She tolerates it with ease

  • heat
  • dryness
  • Moisture other than waterlogging
  • Poor soils


Just as the gardener has to wait a few years for the first blossom, it is the same with the fruit. With a bit of luck, the first tart-sweet fruits can be harvested five years after planting. However, it can still be several years before the first significant harvest.

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