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Home-grown fruit and vegetables are not only special because of their taste. Raising and caring for them requires a lot of work, so the harvest is a double reward. The loosening of the bed soil plays a special role. With a suitable garden tiller, however, the effort becomes child's play.

A tiller makes gardening a lot easier

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    Years ago, the gardener was digging up his beds with a spade, but this work is now done by the garden tiller.(162.69€) Apart from the fact that models with electric drive reduce the amount of work to a minimum these days, the hand garden tiller is also proving to be extremely useful , as this comparison to a conventional spade proves.

    Conventional spade

    our recommendation
    Fiskars gardening spade for soft, stone-poor soils, round, length: 125 cm, high-quality boron steel, grey/black, ergonomic, 1001411
    33.55 EUR To the product

    A spade is part of every gardener's standard kit. It is used in many care measures, is durable and robust. However, using it requires a lot of effort. The more soil that has to be processed, the more strenuous the handling becomes.

    • Cheap
    • Flexible
    • High effort
    • Only practical for small areas
    • threatens to break

    hand tiller

    our recommendation
    WOLF-Garten - garden tiller multi-star DA-S NEW 2022-2023, red, 30x15x15 cm; 71AAA006650
    39.99 EUR To the product

    You don't have to ram a hand tiller into the ground like a spade. It is enough to push them over the ground like a lawnmower. It goes without saying that you need to use less force to do this. However, the depth at which the tines work the soil can only be regulated on high-quality models.

    • Hardly any effort
    • time saving
    • Working depth not always adjustable
    • More expensive
    • Takes up more storage space

    Other purchase criteria

    With a hand garden tiller you enjoy much more working comfort than with a spade. Nevertheless, there are important differences between the models that you should definitely consider when buying.


    our recommendation
    GARDENA combisystem star tiller with weeding blade: garden tiller for seed preparation and soil loosening, 14 cm working width, made of high-quality steel, Duroplast-coated, galvanized wheels (3195-20)
    30.99 EUR To the product

    Of course it is easier to push a light model over the lawn than a heavy hand tiller. The load also plays a role in transport. For example, if you have to lift your device over obstacles to get to another garden sector, you are better off with a light tiller.


    An extendable handle and an ergonomic handle also proved advantageous in the test. The former prevents back pain due to an unfavorable posture.

    Brands/ where to buy

    Hand tillers are available from any hardware store or online. Note that quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. With a branded product you are always on the safe side.

    care instructions

    To ensure the longevity of your tiller, we recommend that you thoroughly remove dirt and debris after each use.


    Extensive accessories are usually only available for high-quality electric tillers. But if you grow vegetables. an additional ridger is recommended for furrowing.

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