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Tackle the masses of snow in winter. A snow shovel made of metal is a real help. It is important that the product is of high quality. If you follow the tips in this guide when buying, you no longer have to fear precipitation in the cold season.

If the quality is good, a metal snow shovel is more durable than a plastic one

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  1. product types
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. Brands/ where to buy
  4. care instructions
  5. equipment
  6. product types

    Aluminum is the material of choice for metal snow shovels. These models come in two different versions.

    Aluminum snow shovel

    our recommendation
    Freund Victoria aluminum snow shovel (snow shovel sheet dimensions 50x35 cm, aluminum handle with D-handle, plastic blade with raised side edge, handle length 125 cm) 97060
    54.99 EUR To the product

    In the snow shovel test, the model, which is made entirely of aluminum, proves to be particularly robust and durable. The material does not threaten to rust and is also relatively unbreakable. Aluminum is also a very light material.

    • Low own weight
    • Wear and tear with repeated use

    Snow shovel with metal shovel

    our recommendation
    Polar 7032 snow shovel aluminum 50 cm special offer
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    The snow shovel with metal shovel is not quite as high quality compared to the product presented above. Here the handle is made of wood. For one thing, this feature pushes the price down. On the other hand, there is a higher risk of the handle breaking if you put too much weight on the shovel. Another advantage is that the wood repels the cold and you don't get icy hands.

    • Cheap
    • No cold hands
    • Stem threatens to break faster

    Other purchase criteria

    Two other criteria are crucial for choosing the right model:

    stem length

    A handle that is too long makes it more difficult to push snow and also requires more effort. But a handle that is too short also proves to be disadvantageous. In a stooped posture, back pain quickly develops. Snow shovels with a telescopic handle are a bit more expensive, but highly recommended. They enable all family members to work ergonomically.


    our recommendation
    Fiskars snow clearer for small and large amounts of snow, blade width 44 cm, plastic/aluminium, black/silver, 1001636
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    A snow shovel is only used once a year and should therefore not cost a fortune. On the other hand, the quality of the product should be right. Check the price-performance ratio by comparing several products with each other. The usual price range in the test is between 25 and 50 euros.

    Brands/ where to buy

    Buying from a hardware store or online is irrelevant for the price, but relevant for the choice of supplier. You can find many more deals online.

    care instructions

    Aluminum is very sensitive to road salt. Wetness can also cause the sign to rust. Therefore, rinse and dry your snow shovel well after each use.


    our recommendation
    Original Fiskars replacement edge for Fiskars snow clearer (item no. 1001688), aluminum, 1003573
    To the product

    Although aluminum is a very strong material, the edge of the shield will wear out over time. You have to reckon with wear and tear, especially when you scrape over icy ground or the powdery snow lies only very lightly on the cobblestones. Fortunately, you can find replaceable edges or rubber covers in stores or on the Internet. The latter are also quieter, so you can clear your yard in the early hours of the morning.

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