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When the bushes and shrubs sprout in spring, the shrub shears are the gardener's best friend. With little effort he gets the visually appealing shape of the plants. With a good model, gardening can actually be a lot of fun. But what criteria does such a shrub shear have to meet? Our shrub shears test reveals what is important when buying.

Battery-powered shrub shears are particularly practical

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  1. product types
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. Brands/ where to buy
  4. care instructions
  5. equipment
  6. product types

    The selection of different shrub shears on the market is immense. So that you can find the right model for your needs, we have compiled the different product types with all their advantages and disadvantages.

    Hand Shrub Shears

    our recommendation
    Gardena Classic Hedge Shears 540: Robust garden shears for cutting shrubs, 54 cm, serrated blade, ergonomic wooden handles (391-20)
    34.83 EUR To the product

    The conventional shrub shears (€68.00) fulfill many functions:

    • Cutting the lawn edge
    • Trimming hedges and shrubs
    • Shape cutting on box trees

    With the hand-operated model you are extremely flexible. However, of course you have to apply a little force.


    As you can see, a shrub shears are suitable for various garden work. Please note, however, that trimming hedges or cutting shrubs radically is prohibited by law from February to October. The reason is breeding birds, which should not be disturbed.

    • Location-independent
    • Cheap
    • effort

    Cordless shrub shears

    our recommendation
    GARDENA ClassicCut cordless grass and bush shears set: shrub and lawn edging shears with a cutting width of 8 cm and a cutting length of 12.5 cm, for lawn edges of up to 800 m, incl. blade guard and charger (8887-20)
    To the product

    Cordless shrub shears are particularly popular, as they make the work a lot easier compared to manual shrub shears. The cut is almost unnecessary by itself. All you have to do is guide the shrub shears. Unlike the electric model, you don't need a cable that could, in the worst case, get caught in the saw blade or tie you to a power source. However, the cordless shrub shears can only be used if they have been charged beforehand. This can take an average of two to five hours. A fully charged battery usually lasts 30 to 100 minutes. Experience has shown that this time is sufficient to completely process a hedge or a bush.

    • Location-independent
    • Wireless
    • Little effort
    • Must be loaded
    • Not that powerful
    • Can only be used for a certain period of time
    • More expensive
    • High own weight

    Electric shrub shears

    our recommendation
    WORX WG210E electric hedge trimmer 600W - electric shrub shears incl. safety protection & protective quiver
    99.99 EUR To the product

    The electric shrub shears are always ready for use (as long as there is a power source) and are also energy-saving. It sounds very good at first, but this variant has a major disadvantage. A cable restricts your range of motion and poses a high risk potential. Whether you accept these flaws in exchange for more performance is your decision.

    • Hardly any effort
    • Powerful
    • Always operational
    • cable
    • danger potential
    • Limited range of motion
    • Expensive
    • High own weight

    Telescopic shrub shears

    our recommendation
    LUX-TOOLS A-GS-70/110 cordless grass and shrub shears set incl. additional handle | Handy 3.6 V cordless secateurs with 2.5 Ah
    39.99 EUR To the product

    Telescopic shrub shears have an extendable handle that allows you to reach branches at high altitudes or in the second row. Sometimes the telescopic handle is already integrated, sometimes you have to look out for a special model. We recommend this product especially for overhead work. The height adjustability enables an ergonomic, back-friendly way of working.

    • Back-friendly
    • Reaches all positions
    • Unstable with increasing length

    Other purchase criteria

    our recommendation
    Makita cordless grass shears (18.0 V, without battery, without charger) DUM604ZX
    68.99 EUR To the product

    Have you decided on one of the above product types? Then you should still not choose just any model, but pay attention to the following aspects when buying:


    For a successful topiary, it is important to put down the shrub shears from time to time, take a few steps back and look at the shrub from a distance. The shrub shears promptly fall into the grass and cannot be found. It would be even worse if you step into the scissors in search of the implement. Models in eye-catching colors such as red or orange help to avoid this.


    It doesn't matter whether you work overhead or carry the shrub shears in front of your chest, in the long run a high dead weight can tire your arms. Therefore, we recommend a model that weighs between 500 and 2000 g. In our shrub shears test, this weight has proven to be ergonomically valuable.


    Electric or battery-powered models are always slightly heavier than manual shrub shears due to the motor.

    material and processing

    our recommendation
    Einhell electric hedge trimmer GH-EH 4245 (420W, 450mm cutting length, 12mm cutting thickness, metal gear, aluminum knife cover, hand guard, sword guard)
    EUR 45.90 To the product

    Cheap shrub shears are mostly made of plastic. While you are still happy about the low purchase price when you buy it, disillusionment soon threatens. Because plastic is very short-lived compared to metal. In the undergrowth, scratches often occur on the material and the housing threatens to break with frequent use. We recommend an aluminum model, which is rustproof and has a low weight.
    Plastic is not only short-lived, but also not particularly environmentally friendly. Non-recyclable waste is generated during production and disposal.


    Of course, the longevity of the knife also largely depends on proper care and storage as well as the frequency of use.

    Criteria for cordless shrub shears

    Special attention is paid to cordless shrub shears. There are far more aspects to consider here than with the other models:

    type of battery

    our recommendation
    LUX-TOOLS A-GS-70/110 cordless grass and shrub shears set | Handy 3.6 V cordless garden shears with 2.5 Ah (Li-Ion technology) incl. 70 mm grass shears & 110 mm hedge shears attachment
    29.99 EUR To the product

    Pay close attention to the type of battery installed and, if in doubt, ask the supplier. We advise you to use a modern lithium ion battery, which has the following advantages over the nickel battery:

    • lighter
    • higher energy density
    • lower self-discharge
    • no memory effect (charging is possible at any time)

    In addition, you should be able to remove the battery from the housing to replace it when it wears out. If this is not possible, dealers offer this service. However, you cannot quickly change the battery yourself in an emergency and you have to pay a high price for having it handed over to a specialist.


    While a charging station and the necessary charging cable are included in most deliveries, it is not always guaranteed that a battery will also be included. Compatible devices are not always easy to come by. Therefore, before you buy, make sure that your order is complete.

    battery performance

    You should adapt the performance of your battery to the size of your garden. The full power of 18 V is not always required. With increasing performance, the purchase price also increases. 3.6 V is sufficient for occasional work and small bushes. Larger hedges, on the other hand, require 7.2 to 10.8 V.

    Useful extras

    So that you are not surprised by the sudden failure of your battery and have to take a forced break, we recommend devices with an LED charge indicator. This means you always have a clear view of the remaining capacities.

    Brands/ where to buy

    our recommendation
    GARDENA ComfortCut Cordless Grass and Shrub Shears Set: Lawn edging shears with a cutting width of 8 cm and a cutting length of 18 cm, for lawn edges of up to 1400 m, incl. blade guard and charger (8897-20)
    100.11 EUR To the product

    Shrub shears have become indispensable in a gardener's equipment and are therefore available in every hardware store. Possible contact points are, for example:

    • obi
    • Hornbach
    • toom
    • stretcher
    • Gardena
    • Hagebau market
    • or the discount store around the corner


    The most expensive model is not always the best. However, we advise you to pay close attention to the quality when buying shrub shears from a discounter. The cheap price is mostly due to inferior material and poor workmanship.

    If you would like to compare prices and get an idea of the shrub shears based on other customer reviews, it is better to search the Internet. Although you cannot test the ergonomics here, you have a large selection of different manufacturers and brands. A filter also makes it easier to search for the right model. The convenient home delivery makes the offer perfect.

    tip: You will not only find many models on Amazon. If you have already decided on a brand, you can avoid long journeys by visiting the online shop.

    care instructions

    After each use you should remove leaves and dirt from the shrub shears. It is important to dry the material thoroughly to prevent rusting, especially if moisture is adhering to the blades. From time to time you should sharpen the cut surfaces to maintain efficiency.


    Never store the shrub shears unprotected between other garden tools. The metal wears out quickly due to friction. You can get protective covers or carrying cases in stores.


    our recommendation
    MVPower 3er garden bag 300L garden waste bag made of robust PE - self-standing and foldable - waste bags for garden waste leaves lawn plants green waste (3x bags)
    22.99 EUR To the product

    The type of shrub shear is one thing. The cutting width of the knife is just as important for the perfect cut. Depending on the use, the following recommendations exist in this regard:

    • for trimming the lawn edge: 70 to 100 mm cutting width
    • for cutting shrubs or hedges: 100 to 170 mm

    In addition, a lot of clippings are produced when cutting hedges and shrubs. We therefore recommend leaf bags in which you can store the leftover branches and transport them to the recycling center. A leaf blower makes gathering easier.


    Why actually dispose of the clippings when you can also use them in an ecologically valuable way. Leave a pile in a secluded corner of the garden. Maybe a hedgehog family will move into the shelter in the fall. The animals turn out to be real beneficials by eating snails and worms and protecting your plants in this way. Just don't burn your clippings. This is a criminal offense that can result in heavy fines.

    With cordless shrub shears, we also recommend always having a spare battery in the house. In an emergency, you don't have to take a break, you can easily swap out the drives.
    For electric shrub shears, on the other hand, an extension cable is useful to increase the range of motion.
    In both cases, the accessories must be compatible.

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