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Thanks to a telescopic pruning saw, the tricky balancing act on the shaky ladder is now a thing of the past. The extendable device makes it easier for you to reach branches at great heights. For an ergonomic posture and individual needs, however, it is important to pay attention to a few aspects when buying. In this guide you will find out what is important when making your choice.

Telescopic poles help to reach higher branches

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  2. Other purchase criteria
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  4. care instructions
  5. equipment
  6. product types

    Telescopic pruning saws are basically divided into two different versions. On the one hand, they come without any technical aids. In addition, you will also find electrically operated products on the market, which we recommend, especially for large properties. The latter are in turn divided into three different product types. What matters is the drive. With the help of this overview, in which we present the advantages and disadvantages of each product in a direct comparison, you are guaranteed to find the right model for your needs.

    Conventional telescopic pruning saw

    our recommendation
    Fiskars Value Saw for Working in Remote Areas, Tool Head, Length: 55 cm, Hardened Steel Saw Blade, Black/Orange, QuikFit, 1000691
    32.39 EUR To the product

    As already mentioned, a conventional telescopic pruning saw works completely without a power source. It is therefore not only the most flexible, but also the lightest model. The disadvantage, however, is the increased effort that you have to exert all by yourself when working. Below you will find purchase criteria that will make things easier for you.

    • Cheap
    • Light weight
    • No extra costs for electricity or petrol
    • High effort

    Electric telescopic pruning saw

    our recommendation
    ATIKA KSH 710 SDS pruner telescopic chainsaw pruning saw | 230V | 710W | Telescopic working height: ~ 2.47 m - 3.07 m
    EUR 109.90 To the product

    An electric pruning saw provides you with a little more support. With an average output of 750 to 1000 watts, it cuts through thick branches with ease. The range is limited to 4 m. The necessary cable is also annoying. An electric pruning saw must be connected to a power source at all times when working. On the one hand, there is a risk that the connection will get caught in the saw blade, and on the other hand, the cable restricts your freedom of movement.

    Buying Guide Electric Pruning Saw

    • More power
    • Easily cuts through thick branches
    • Always operational
    • cable
    • Less freedom of movement

    Cordless telescopic pruning saw

    our recommendation
    Einhell cordless pruner and hedge trimmer GE-HC 18 Li T Set Power X-Change (lithium ion, 18 V, telescope, cutting length chainsaw 170 mm, hedge trimmer 400 mm, incl. 3.0 Ah battery and charger)
    169.99 EUR To the product

    An alternative is the battery-powered telescopic pruning saw. No cable is required here. However, it can only be used when the battery is fully charged. This also results in limited working hours. In addition, the built-in battery affects the dead weight. The range here is a little more than 4 m. A cordless telescopic pruning saw is able to cut through branches with a thickness of up to 17 cm. We recommend an 18 volt lithium ion battery for this.

    Find out more about cordless pruning saws here


    Note that temperature fluctuations will affect battery performance. On cold days, the driving force is inhibited.

    • No cable
    • More power
    • Must be loaded
    • High own weight
    • Limited working time

    Telescopic pruning saw with combustion engine

    our recommendation
    Makita EY2650H25H petrol pruner 0.77 kW
    543.08 EUR To the product

    The most powerful is a telescopic pruning saw with a combustion engine. The wireless device gives you full power. However, the high performance also has its disadvantages. For example, on average you need to use 8 to 10 kg of force to hold the device. Here, too, you can reach heights of a little more than 4 m. Our test recommends a 2-stroke engine with a chain speed of 21 m/sec. However, it should be noted that this type of product is aimed more at professionals. On small plots there is hardly any need.

    • Very high performance
    • Wireless
    • Only for professionals
    • High own weight

    Other purchase criteria

    Let's now come to the other purchase criteria that make it easier to use a telescopic pruning saw.


    our recommendation
    Gardebruk electric pruning saw 750 W 26 cm sword length 4m working height adjustable telescopic chainsaw pruner
    EUR 79.95 To the product

    The longer you extend the arm of a telescopic pruning saw, the more unstable the construction appears. A recommendable product balances well even at full length.


    Telescopic pruning saws achieve amazingly long ranges. In addition to your own height, you can overcome distances of up to 10 m with a fully extended extension arm. However, we recommend that you get professional help (e.g. from a tree nursery) for lengths of more than 3 m. Handling sharp cutting tools always involves a high risk of injury. Despite impeccable stability, the intervention from this length is risky for the layperson.


    What use is the best drive if your arms get tired after a short time due to its own weight? Average telescopic pruning saws weigh around 2.3 kg. An electric telescopic pruning saw already weighs 4 kg. Look for a lightweight aluminum model.

    condition of the saw blade

    our recommendation
    Bosch cordless garden saw Keo Basic (lithium-ion battery, 10.8 volts, in a box)
    65.91 EUR To the product

    Pruning saws are pull saws. Good models have the following characteristics:

    • Alternating teeth
    • special grind
    • Tow hook (for grabbing a branch)
    • slightly curved saw blade
    • Average length of 340 mm

    Brands/ where to buy

    There are numerous ways to buy a telescopic pruning saw. You will always find what you are looking for in hardware stores or specialist shops. The internet offers even more choices. Here you can also compare prices and browse customer reviews.

    care instructions

    The maintenance of a telescopic pruning saw mainly concerns the saw blade. During work, the material often comes into contact with tree sap or moisture. You should therefore clean your pruning saw after each use. Use soapy water for this and then lubricate the tool with a little tool oil.


    When buying, make sure that the manufacturer has a spare parts guarantee. This ensures that all utensils are compatible if necessary. For electric telescopic pruning saws, we recommend an extension cable to increase the range.

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