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Anyone who has neither a garden nor a balcony does not have to do without a flower staircase. The decorative furnishings also fit into the apartment and exude visual charm. Read this guide to find out what is important when making a purchase.

A flower staircase made of wood has a special charm

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  4. care instructions
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  6. product types

    The fact that your flower stand (€74.90) can be placed indoors does not in any way restrict the choice of product types. However, since there is often less parking space in the house or apartment than in the garden, you should carefully consider which of the following models is suitable for your needs.

    Ordinary flower stairs

    The classic model is an etagere on whose steps you can place any number of plant pots. The selection of products ranges from flat and deep to high and narrow. Most of the floors are only aligned to one side. Thus, the usual flower staircase is only suitable for one location on the wall.

    To the buying guide for flower stairs

    • Large selection of products
    • Must be against a wall
    • Space-consuming depth
    our recommendation
    MUZIDP Flower Rack,Display Storage Rack,Iron Plant Stand Flowerpot For Indoor Balcony Door Bedroom Living Room-F 68x23x85cm(27x9x33inch)
    58.00 EUR To the product

    Narrow flower stairs

    The narrow variant of a flower staircase for indoor use does not go in depth, but in width. It resembles an unfolded ladder and therefore has two steps. Placed with the long side against the wall, it does not reach into the room as much as the conventional flower stand. In comparison, it is a lot more space-saving.


    You can also easily build this model yourself by unfolding a ladder and laying boards over the individual rungs. For stability you should screw everything together well.

    • space saving
    • Easy to make yourself
    • Less noticeable
    • since the flowers are placed on the sides
    our recommendation
    Wisfor Wooden Flower Staircase, 5 Tier Flower Stand Plant Staircase for Indoor Balcony Living Room Outdoor Garden Decoration, Multi-Tier Flower Shelf 96x95x25cm
    47.23 EUR To the product

    Flower stairs for the corner of the room

    The flower staircase for room corners is just as space-saving as it is visually appealing. The front is round and similar to the usual model. The back, however, converges at a right angle, making this type of product a perfect finish to corners of the room. It is only necessary to move the model away when cleaning.

    To the buying guide for corner flower steps

    • space saving
    • Fills in vacant corners of the room
    • Only suitable for room corners
    our recommendation
    CLP iron corner shelf IRMA I Stable folding shelf with four shelves I Decorative shelf in country style I available, colour: antique white
    89.00 EUR To the product

    Other purchase criteria

    Luckily, indoor flower stands come in all imaginable sizes. It is better not to buy your model by eye or on the off chance. In order to avoid a costly exchange, you should first determine the exact dimensions of the selected location. Also consider the weight of the flower pots that you then want to place on the product. You should also adapt the material to your interior design. Wooden flower stairs actually fit every style. Plastic, on the other hand, looks very cheap indoors.

    To the buying guide for wooden flower steps

    our recommendation
    COSTWAY plant shelf flower shelf, flower stand garden, wooden flower staircase, multi-level plant staircase, wooden shelf 100x25x97cm
    54.99 EUR To the product

    Brands/ where to buy

    Flower stairs for the home can be found in numerous furnishing centers or on the Internet. Amazon and eBay offer many ways to find the right product. There is also a huge selection here. As an extra, you benefit from convenient home delivery.

    care instructions

    Since a flower staircase is not as exposed to the weather in the apartment as it is on the terrace, the maintenance effort is reduced. Nevertheless, you should of course be careful that no water runs down the material.


    The flower staircase test recommends a mat as an accessory for indoor use, so that no marks are left on the floor. Laminate in particular is prone to signs of wear.

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